11 Foods To Improve Mental Health

To follow up on last week’s post on Essential Nutrition For Improving Mental Health, here are 11 powerful healing foods to improve mental health and overall wellness. Some of the most common health conditions are directly linked to poor nutrition. Mental and emotional illness is often related to gut health, diet, and digestion issues. Just making a few simple dietary changes may boost and improve your overall well being. In addition to supporting your mental health, these foods are also great for supporting your immune system. Incorporate Pure Hemp Botanicals Immune Support capsules into your health regime for added support. Along with clean eating, taking CBD daily can have stress-reducing effects and balances your endocannabinoid system which supports your overall wellness.

1. Fatty fish or wild salmon – Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids for brain health

2. Bone broths – Rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids

3. Raw almonds – Protein, fiber, magnesium, and more

4. Coconut oil – Healthy fat source

5. Avocado – Potassium and heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids

6. Beets – High levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents 

7. Oats and gluten-free grains – Complex carbohydrates are a steady source of fuel for the brain

8. Leafy greens – High in folic acid 

9. Cacao (dark chocolate) – Heart-healthy antioxidants

10. Fermented foods (sauerkraut) – Probiotics and good bacterias for gut health

11. Coffee and teas – Fat burning benefits and antioxidants (Try any of our hemp teas Hemptealicous™

When you give your body the right tools, such as nutritious foods, proper sleep, exercise, and a daily dose of CBD, you set yourself up to feel your best and perform at your best. Getting in a daily dose of cannabinoids is a great addition to your wellness regime. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD tinctures, softgels, immune support capsules, or any of our wonderful CBD products, offer you the flexibility and ease to get in your daily dose of CBD seamlessly. Whether it be before bed each night or with your cup of coffee in the morning, CBD can support your wellness goals by bringing balance to your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates major immune system functions in the body and plays a key role in maintaining balance. A daily dose of CBD in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise gives your body the right tools to function at its best and feel empowered.