18 Stress Busters Backed By Science

Here are 18 stress busters backed by science that everyone should know about! Eliminate stress right now with these simple tips.

Eight out of ten Americans are concerned about the level of stress they are under every day. Over time stress destroys our creativity, potential, and our drive. To feel your best, you must address your stressors and find functional ways to manage them. Keep these tools in your back pocket and use them when you are feeling overwhelmed – they can only help you.

Make some of these stress busters a part of your daily routine.

1. Journal – Write it out. Have a gratitude journal. If you are feeling overwhelmed or unhappy, turn your focus to gratitude. Write down what makes you happy. Reflecting on the things you are grateful for will ease the pressure and stress. An attitude of gratitude is always a great choice.

2. Hold & release method – From fingers to toes, tighten all your muscle groups so they tense up and freeze, and then release completely and soften your body. When you get your body to relax, your mind will follow. This hold and release method relaxes your muscles and calms an anxious mind.

3. Shake off the stress – Take a moment to be by yourself for a minute. Slowly shake your body, starting with your fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, and on, until your whole body is gently vibrating and shaking. Count to 30 and then relax and standstill. This instantly relieves tension and anxiousness.

4. Spend time with a pet– That happy tail wagging and the unconditional love and companionship from a pet is very therapeutic. A study found 10 minutes with your furry therapist reduces anxiousness.

5. Have a CBD gummy – Have some CBD when you need some extra stress and mood support. Pure Balance CBD gummies are designed to help you feel your best by relaxing nervous tension and a racing mind. Enjoy some CBD gummies to help with life’s daily stresses. 

6.  Yoga – Strike a pose. The combination of deep breathing and slow, thoughtful movement is one of the best stress-relieving tools. Shift your energy and use mindfulness to slow down a racing mind.

7.  Kissing – Kissing your partner releases those feel-good chemicals that reduce cortisol. A loving relationship can provide positive support and reduce stress and anxiousness.

8.  Chew gum – Some people swear by chewing gum to help alleviate stress when things get out of hand. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, chew on some bubble gum to dampen the moment’s intensity.

9.  Aromatherapy – The scent of essential oils signal the brain to feel pleasure and can induce pleasant memories. Each plant’s oil has different effects. Use aromatherapy to enhance your focus, calm anxiety, uplift the mood, balance emotions, and inspire joy.

10.  Turn on the tunes – Some good uplifting or calming music can help nudge you out of any funk. Anything that relaxes you is good music medicine. Listening to feel-good tunes reduces cortisol levels and turns down stress.

11.  Laugh it off – You know when you are having a bad day and your state of mind just sucks-laughter can help! Shake yourself out of that state with some authentic laughter- it can’t be forced. Turn on your favorite funny movie or podcast and let your worries go. A good belly laugh instantly eases stress!

12. Drink tea – Have the jitters or feeling impatient and fragile? Calm yourself with a cup of tea. Take a moment to clear your fear. Step away from the noise and sip on a warm cup of tea. Hemptealicious organic herbal hemp teas are a great relaxing beverage for stress support.

13.Take a nap – Didn’t sleep well? Feeling drained, impatient, or unable to focus? Prioritize your wellness and go take a nap – just 20 minutes of rest can help you reset and destress.

14. Read a book – Take your mind off your worries with a good story. Escaping into a great thriller or love story is an excellent way to break away from a stressful day. Reading a self-help book can help you get your mind focused on positive growth instead of past worries.

15. Visualize calm – Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a calming place in nature. By the ocean, on a mountain top, in a field of wildflowers. Breathe in and let your imagination take you there. Listen to a guided meditation if you prefer. This mini-vacation meditation helps you get back to your calm center.

16. Exercise – Take a quick jog down the street or bust out a short cardio session. Get your blood pumping and your anxious energy out. Physical movement lowers cortisol and floods your brain with endorphins to boost your mood.

17. Get artsy – Make something using your hands and focus. Doing slow-paced repetitive motions or coloring in patterns is a wonderful way to destress. Color, create, shape, crochet, bead – there are hundreds of ways to tap into the creative part of yourself, and unlimited possibilities are right at your fingertips.  Art therapy reduces stress and helps us to better manage the stressful thoughts we already have.

18. Garden – Digging your hands in the earth and spending time in the garden planting or maintaining your plants is a very healthy activity for the mind, body, and soul. If you don’t have a garden, you can still get the therapeutic effects by connecting with the earth. Get outside and feel the earth, pull out the weeds and dead leaves off the plants. Feel the ground with your hands and breathe. Nature is so supportive.

Stress is something you can’t always get away from, but you can help yourself eliminate the tension with some simple self-care. These stress busters will help you get centered and clear when you are feeling off-balance!  Something as simple as a yoga pose, some calming music, a piece of gum, or a daily dose of CBD can eliminate some of that intensity. Prioritize your wellness!