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Ways Organic Ingredients Benefit You

Browsing the shelves at your local supermarket, I’m sure you’ve noticed the label “organic” on everything from eggs to facewash. The migration of the organic label from food to beauty products might seem baffling. Does it really matter if your lotion was made from organic botanical ingredients? The benefits of using organic beauty products are actually surprisingly similar to the benefits of eating organic foods. Since your skin is your body’s largest organ, why not invest a little more into what you are putting on it? Understanding the term “Organic” The term “organic” refers to an agricultural process that is [...]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a somber religious holiday. Now it is a jovial celebration of Irish culture. Irish immigrants in the United States are responsible for transforming St. Patrick’s Day into the holiday that it is today. The first St. Patrick’s Day parades started in the mid-1700s in cities like New York and Boston. The traditions created eventually spread throughout the country and around the world. This holiday has become a lighthearted celebration that often kicks off spring. If you are looking for some last minute ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, besides pub hopping, here are a few: [...]

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How Genetically Modified Foods Might Be Affecting Your Health

In the grocery store, you may have noticed more labels on foods that say “no GMOs.” You probably have at least one friend in your social circle who is vehemently against eating foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While it’s easy to find people who speak out against GMOs, we often hear very little about why these genetically altered plants, animals, and microorganisms are bad for us. Since scientists have used technology to create beneficial medicines and therapies, you may be wondering why we should distrust their ability to create genetically altered foods that are beneficial. The truth is [...]

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