To continue our Me-Time-March theme of self care, I thought today could be a good time to offer up some useful daily routines to help boost your well-being without burdening your budget! One of the most helpful things I’ve found when “get healthy” feels way too big to do, is to just look for the next small healthy thing I can do for myself. Here are some simple steps you can incorporate into your day. I hope you find them helpful!

dance cbd healthy feel better

Healthy Body

  1. Go outside – Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, there are terpenes in the plants all around you, many of which are being studied for health benefits such as boosting mood. Going for a walk around some fresh greenery can be a great way to relax.
  2. Schedule in time for play – It’s so important to make time to enjoy yourself. People who regularly schedule time for play during their day have regularly expressed that they feel more productive, focused and positive at work.
  3. Stretch! – Getting your circulation moving is a great way to reduce tension and feel more ready for your day. If you’re like me and slouch over your computer for a fair chunk of the day, this is an important balance to support your posture.
  4. Add one new healthy food to your meals each day – Variety is the spice of life! By introducing new foods to your diet,  you are incorporating nutrients that you may not get with your usual “routine” foods. Plus, you may find something you love and never would have known about otherwise!
  5. Dance – There’s always a way to squeeze in some dancing if you get creative with it! Maybe you dance your way through cooking dinner, or dance at your standing desk, have a dance party for one (or more!) at home, or take a proper class – however you do it, go for it! Dance is a great way to connect with your body, learn to express yourself, tone your muscles, and just have fun.
  6. Have some CBD to help you feel your best while you play!


brain mind healthy cbd

Healthy Mind

  1. Fix something small that’s been annoying you, like mending a button,
    fixing a drawer or organizing a cluttered space. You’ll be amazed at the satisfaction
    you feel afterwards!
  2. Challenge a bad habit by practicing a good habit. For example, if you have a tendency to slouch (like me!), practice sitting up straight, and catching when you start to slump over. The more I get used to checking in and seeing if I’m sitting up, the more natural it will become. Give it a try!
  3. Take a new route to go somewhere you’re familiar with. By changing up our routines, we are sparking up new neural pathways. Getting into the habit of change is a great way to open yourself up to new experiences, and makes it easier to let go of old behaviors that no longer serve you.


Healthy Feelings

  1. Journal – Taking the time to slow down and write out your thoughts is a great way to get clarity about how you feel. Take time each day if you can, to sit down and write about what matters to you. It could be a realization about yourself, a funny story, anything.
  2. Develop a strength – is there something you have a gift for that you enjoy? Take time to do it today. If you’re a great runner, hit the trail! If you have a craft you enjoy, make it! Sing, build, teach, speak, whatever it is. Go out there and shine!
  3. Develop a weakness – Choose something outside your comfort zone and give it a try! Indoor skydiving was a good one for me – I was terrified, but got so much out of facing a fear. You may even surprise yourself and have fun!
  4. Be selective about who you spend time with – Choose your companions carefully, and spend time with people who are encouraging and feel good to be around. Spending time with people who are healthy and improving themselves gives us context for new things we can explore in ourselves.
  5. Make time to recognize your improvements and reward yourself – Sometimes it’s easy to focus on everything that needs to change, and harder to see how far you’ve come. Take time to write about what you’re proud of!
  6. Look for 5 things to appreciate every day, and write them down. It could be a beautiful sunset, your talent for making people laugh or an amazing meal a loved one made. Getting into the habit of noticing things to appreciate is a great way to start opening up to the gifts all around you.