When you are out of balance, under stress, and feeling frayed, you need solutions quick.

Too much stress will push you to a breaking point, and it’s always better to prevent that from happening than to do damage repair after the fact.

Stress takes its toll on our well-being in ways we don’t even realize. It can build and slowly overthrow all of our thoughts and lead to toxic self-talk. When we are stressed out, we don’t think right or act from a place of mindfulness. Everything eventually feels like it’s closing in on us.

If you feel overwhelmed, use these five tried-and-true remedies to help you manage your emotions and feel your best self again. The more you use them, the better they work. And most are fast, easy, and available to you anytime and anywhere.

Lower Stress by Getting Outdoors

If you can give yourself a quick change of environment, it is well worth it. Take a step back and get outside to take a walk or gaze at the plants and slow your breathing. Nature has a comforting way of reducing stress.

If you are experiencing a lot of mental pressure, identify the beautiful things in nature around you mentally or verbally. For example, “purple flowers,” “someone walking,” “vibrant green tree,” etc. Feel the sensations of being outdoors and direct your focus to it.

This practice helps remind you that the stress you feel may not actually be physically present. Instead, it probably just exists in your thoughts, from which you can take a conscious break.

“Fast stress relief can have a significant effect on both your body and your brain,” says Kevin Chapman, PhD, a clinical psychologist for anxiety and related disorders.

For example, quick ways to chill out can help you decrease your heart rate to normal levels, allow your body to regain homeostasis (or balance), and teach your brain how to manage cortisol levels, Chapman explains. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can be helpful when it’s released for a short time, but has a negative impact on the body at high levels for extended periods.

Breathe Easy to Calm The Mind

Deep breathing is a quick and easy way to deal with in-the-moment stress. Breathing can change how we feel because emotions and breathing are closely connected.

There are so many breathing techniques to choose from, but a go-to one is the 4-7-8 method.

Start by letting all the air out of your lungs and then take a breath, inhaling to a slow count of four. Once you’ve inhaled, sit still and hold your breath for a count of seven. Then slowly exhale to a count of eight. Do the exercise four times for optimal Zen.

Drink Tea to Reduce Stress

Many tea varieties have a positive impact on stress and health. Antioxidants in tea fight inflammation, while tannins soothe digestion. But what makes unsweetened tea a wonderful stress-reliever is the dual action of caffeine and an amino acid called theanine. Tea with a low caffeine level boosts your focus, while theanine acts as a sedative. The result is a relaxed alertness that keeps you going during that mid-afternoon slump. 

Try a cup of iced or hot hemp tea to soothe the mind with a full array of relaxing cannabinoids and terpenes. Our organic whole hemp teas help to balance your body and mind.

Take Pure Balance CBD for Support

If you are going through a period where your stress levels are high, take a serving of Pure Balance CBD daily. Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, the active parts of the hemp plant, have powerful stress-reducing benefits and support overall wellness. 

Our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD formulas help maintain homeostasis to ensure your nervous system and immune systems are in sync and operating well. Pure Balance CBD has a calming effect that helps to regulate your stress response to help with mood, energy levels, and focus.

Relax with Music

Turn on music to help you push through tough times.

Stress can be reduced, and relaxation maximized with the use of music, particularly when it is classical music. This slow and quiet genre has an effect on physiological functions as the pulse and heart rate are slowed down.

Whether you are at work, in the car, or cleaning the house, music has a big impact on our emotions. Slower tempos can help to silence the mind and relax muscles, making music an effective stress management tool.

Also, singing along to a favorite song is an effective way to release tension and make yourself feel good. When you feel good, you’re more likely to relax and let go of your stress. This will help you calm down quickly.