If you are looking for a pure, versatile, cannabinoid product that you can use in just about every way CBD can be used, you have got to try CBD Crystals. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystals are 98% pure, extracted from the highest quality organically grown hemp. Our isolated cannabinoid crystalline frost is non-psychoactive and contains no detectable THC as tested by our ISO 17025 accredited lab. Crystalline cannabinoid frost is the purest hemp extract you can possibly buy. Anyone concerned about additives in other products can take CBD Crystals with the assurance that they are taking the purest form of CBD you can possibly get. Our cannabinoid crystals go through a crystallization process to create one of the purest isolates available.


Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystalline Frost is tasteless, odorless, and can be used in so many ways from food, topicals, vaporizing, or taken alone under your tongue. Here are five great ways to use your Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystals!


1. Make Your Own Edibles

Pure Hemp botanicals CBD Crystals can be easily added to your favorite baked goods, food, or drinks. They are fast dissolving when added to liquids and are tasteless making them perfect for edibles. They will blend right in without changing the taste of your food. When cooking with CBD Crystalline Frost, the one rule to know is to not let the heat of what you are making exceed 295 degrees Fahrenheit or the cannabinoids will lose their effectiveness. Never use CBD Crystals in high heat cooking. If you enjoy cooking, baking, and making your own natural health aid concoctions, you may just want to explore some of the Pure Hemp Botanicals recipes which use CBD Crystals! Dissolve into some olive oil for salad dressings and more. Mix into frosting, and top off your baked goods or add it to your morning coffee. These are just a few of the endless ways for Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystals to be turned into a decadent edible experience.


2. DIY Topicals: Salves, Facial oil, Bath Bombs, and More!

There are so many awesome homemade topical recipes using CBD Crystals. You can make anything from your own bath bombs, radiant facial oil, multi-purpose salves, night creams to moisturizing body butter. By utilizing the wonderful properties of CBD Crystals you can instantly upgrade your skincare experience. Homemade CBD topicals like salves and bath bombs make heartfelt personable gifts. Give a loved one a homemade CBD topical or treat yourself to a CBD bath with an aromatherapy bath bomb. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using CBD Crystals in skincare topicals and salves. My favorite recipe with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystals is a soothing muscle rub salve complete with therapeutic grade essential oils. Experience cannabinoids in a new way with topical skincare applications.


3. Vaporize and Dabbing 

Dabbing or vaping CBD Crystals is one of the fastest possible ways to get cannabinoids into your body without ingesting other plant material. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystalline Frost can be dabbed or vaporized by using a concentrate vaporizer device, an oil rig, or if you vape already you can even add it to your vape juices. To add Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystals to a vape juice you will need to slightly warm the liquid and dissolve the refined Crystal isolate into it. For dabbing, you want to heat your rig nail with a blow torch just like you would with any other concentrate and wait 30 seconds. Place the CBD Crystals on the hot nail and inhale the pure vapor. Dabbing is a good choice for those already experienced with concentrates and vaporizing and those who want fast results when utilizing cannabinoids.


4. Making Custom Tinctures

If you are interested in creating your own cannabinoid tinctures, or other blended tinctures you can conveniently boost any herbal tincture you take by adding Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Crystalline Frost to it or by creating your own. CBD Crystals can be easily dissolved into your choice of carrier oil. When making CBD oil tinctures it is best to choose a high-fat carrier oil such as MCT oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil. On low heat, warm the carrier oil and blend in the crystalline frost. Stir gently until completely dissolved. Do not let the oil get hot. You just want the oil to be warm enough to dissolve the crystals easily. Making your own tincture with Pure Hemp botanicals CBD Crystals offers you a way to customize your own formulas to deliver cannabinoids into your system. Store your tincture in an amber bottle, out of direct sunlight to preserve the cannabinoids in your Isolate formula.


5. Dissolve Under Your Tongue

You may want to just ingest pure isolated cannabinoids without any other plant material or carrier oils. Simply place the CBD Crystalline Frost under the tongue and allow them to dissolve. A no-frills method, this is the most simplistic way to use Pure Hemp Botanicals highly refined pure CBD Crystals.