Topical CBD has many benefits for sore muscles and joints, skin care and more. Cannabidiol, or CBD, one of the key compounds found in the hemp plant, has many benefits for both body and mind. CBD products come in many forms for various purposes, including topicals that target discomfort, aches, irritation, and soothing oils and creams for skin care.

There are lots of reasons to use CBD topicals and methods for maximizing the effectiveness and the results you can get from these formulas.

Here we have put together a complete guide to using CBD topically to answer questions you might have.


What is Topical CBD?

Cannabinoid topicals are products you apply directly to your skin instead of ingesting them. Many people often use topicals for tackling joint discomfort and relaxing stressed muscles.

Pure Hemp Botanicals topical formulas are made with premium botanical ingredients and infused with concentrated levels of CBD. When applied, the formula absorbs into the epidermis and pores and works on a cellular level.


How Does Topical CBD Work?  

In general, CBD’s effectiveness is tied to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system of the body, which helps regulate basic functions like pain responses, appetite, mood, memory, and the overall healthy functioning of the immune system. Cannabinoids like CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system to help it do its job more effectively.

Cannabinoids are like keys to your endocannabinoid system that unlock health benefits. When applied topically, cannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors near the surface of your skin. CBD topicals or plain CBD oil can be applied to painful areas on your body to soothe mild physical discomfort.



The Basics:

  • Permeates through the skin barrier
  • Works on a cellular level
  • Once absorbed into the skin interacts with receptors
  • Targets troubled areas to restore homeostasis
  • Delivers relaxing and comforting effects to the targeted area


How Often Should I Use Topical CBD?

How often you apply CBD to your skin depends on the level of discomfort you feel and issues you want to target. As with any topical product, usually one application isn’t enough to get the maximum therapeutic effect. If you are looking for targeted relief in specific areas, you can apply the topical directly to the place where you notice aches.

For muscle and joint discomfort use 500mg CBD Cooling Gel or Warming Balm. 

If you are looking for targeted relief in specific areas, you can apply the topical directly to the place where you notice aches.

For advanced muscle and joint support you can re-apply every 4-6 hours or whenever you need it.

For skin care maintenance try Pure Hemp Botanicals Body Lotion and Lip Balms, use daily or as needed.

Pure Balance CBD oil can also be applied to the skin or used for CBD massage.

Pure Relief

When you apply topical CBD directly to the area of discomfort, the effects are typically felt quickly because they are more centralized than other application methods. However, topical CBD has have low bioavailability – no matter how much you apply, your skin isn’t permeable enough for the CBD to reach the bloodstream so re-applying often will produce better results.  

Topical CBD does not need to reach the bloodstream to be effective because the molecule interacts and stimulate the CB2 receptors within the skin that make up part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). In other words targeted applications allow you to treat a specific area, providing CBD exactly where you need it the most.

For widespread support, take an ingestible cannabinoid product like Pure Balance along with the topical application for whole body care.

Pure Hemp Botanicals topical CBD products can provide additional benefits to your daily wellness routine. For skincare, sports recovery, or stressed muscles, enjoy all the benefits of topical CBD for targeted relief.