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Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

Protein is essential for good health. It is necessary for good brain function, physical performance, recovery from illness and injury, maintenance of muscle, support of body system functions, healthy hair and skin, and stable blood sugar levels. Animals have traditionally been the primary sources of protein in the American diet. However, a variety of great alternative proteins are readily available for those practicing a vegetarian or vegan diet. Many meats available in the US today, especially beef, come from animals that have been raised with the use of antibiotics and hormones and fed grains that have been exposed to pesticides [...]

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Inflammation, Disease and Prevention

Inflammation is prevalent in the news these days. It has long been associated with conditions such as asthma and arthritis. Acute, short-term inflammation is our body’s natural protective response to cells that have been damaged by injury or illness caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. But chronic inflammation has been implicated in many debilitating diseases and conditions including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, and conditions associated with aging such as memory loss and wrinkling of the skin. It can even damage DNA. Conditions associated with inflammation have also become more common among children and young [...]

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Valentine’s Day—Then and Now

Valentine’s Day, also referred to as St. Valentine’s Day, is quite the celebration in the United States. Millions of dollars are spent annually on flowers, candy and other gifts. This holiday is also celebrated in many countries, such as Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, and Japan. So, why a holiday about love? The search for an answer explores the history, mystery and intrigue of Valentine’s Day—then and now. The holiday dates back to ancient Rome and the pagan, fertility festival Lupercalia. This festival was dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, and Roman founders Romulus and Remus. The hides of [...]

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So You Want to be a Vegetarian?

There are many reasons an individual chooses to become a vegetarian. Most revolve around choices for better health, eating a more sustainable, eco-friendly diet, or an objection to eating animals and/or the abusive treatment that is often inflicted on animals that are raised for food. So you want to be a vegetarian? What do you need to know? We’ll share some information about a vegetarian lifestyle, some of its benefits, and tips for making the switch. Vegetarian versus Vegan Vegetarians don’t eat meat but may choose to eat products that come from animals such as eggs, cheeses, yogurt, and other [...]

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Where Are All the Hemp Products?

Previous blogs have focused on the multitude of products that are sourced from sustainable, industrial hemp. As you’ve seen, the hemp market interfaces with many other market sectors and industries including human and animal food, clothing, textiles, building and industrial materials, energy, automotive components, health and medical products, and more. So where are all the hemp products? It’s all about supply and demand. In this case, the availability of American-grown, industrial hemp is insufficient to provide the raw materials needed to produce some hemp-based products on a large scale. This is largely due to existing legislation that prohibits, at the [...]

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Healthy Benefits of Omega-3s

The healthy benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are widely publicized. But did you know that Omega 3s are necessary for basic human health? They are referred to as “essential” fatty acids (EFAs) because they are crucial to normal growth, development and brain function—yet our bodies can’t produce them. They must be obtained through the foods we eat. There’s a lifelong need for Omega 3 fatty acids, which are also referred to as PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids). They are highly concentrated in the brain and are important to good cognitive function, memory, behavior and neurological performance. Too little Omega-3 during pregnancy [...]

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Hemp Recipes for a Day

If getting healthy was on your new year’s resolution list, you’re not alone. In fact, getting healthy and staying fit were some of the most popular resolutions for 2017. How about adding some nutrient-rich hemp to your diet? To help you in your quest, here is a day’s worth of hemp recipes to get you started. All are vegetarian and should take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Enjoy! Breakfast - Super Seed Choco Smoothie Enjoy this super healthy breakfast in a glass, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber—courtesy of hemp and chia seeds. The chia helps keep [...]

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Make Health #1 This Year

“The first wealth is health.” Ralph Waldo Emerson was clear about his values; his adage applies to us all. Health can’t be bought. Therefore, it’s up to us to make it a priority. Your own good health makes a difference in everything you do - it enables you to be and do your best. It’s also a gift to those you love and to the world, so make health #1 this year! We all know the importance of adequate sleep, exercise, staying hydrated and managing stress. Nutrition is at the heart of good health. It’s often said, “You are what [...]

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Resolution Solutions

The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions is common to many cultures, yet it is well documented that most New Year’s resolutions never come to fruition. Statistics indicate that 45% of Americans usually resolve to change or improve themselves in the new year, but that only 8% are successful at achieving those resolutions. We’ve found some resolution solutions to share. But first we’ll take a peek at some interesting religious roots of this tradition. The ancient Babylonians held the first recorded celebrations of the new year, some 4,000 years ago, and were first to make New Year’s resolutions. Their new [...]

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Thanks for Being Part of Our Community

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another year. 2016 has been filled with improvement, excitement, success and celebration! Pure Hemp Botanicals extends sincere appreciation to our customers and associates as members of our community and for the roles you’ve played in not only our success but in the advancement of the fledgling hemp industry and its culture. This past year, we’re delighted to have expanded our product line and introduced a variety of new health and wellness products, all sourced from industrial hemp, organically grown in Colorado. We appreciate our customers’ enthusiastic responses to these products. In [...]

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