Dedicate five minutes each morning and night to check in with yourself. Use this time to open up the flow of thoughts and emotions that run through you. Let the thoughts and feelings flow freely. Let go of stress, let go of the little details that hold you back from experiencing peace. When the demands are high and your to-do list is overbearing it is especially helpful to create a calm atmosphere inside of yourself. This will help you conquer your tasks with better focus and efficiency. The more you practice letting go of noise and pressure, the greater ease you will feel as you get through your to-do list and the better outcomes you will have.

Throughout your day if you feel stress arise turn your focus to your breathing. Slow your thoughts down and slow your breath down. Bring one task or thought into focus. Turn the tension and pressure you may be feeling into an opportunity to relieve stress, expand your energy, and choose a calm approach. Use positive forward-thinking and talk to yourself using uplifting words like I will and I can. Allow yourself to let go of the pressure and take on the task with ease and focus. Slowing down can actually help you increase your efficiency and accomplish more in the long run.

At the end of your day reflect on your approach to things. Was there something you could have changed that would have made things less stressful and more enjoyable? Chose one area you wish to improve and bring it into your awareness so you can act on it moving forward.

Before you go to sleep at night take time to create a calm mind and calm body. You can do this by thanking yourself for all the hard work and effort you made that day. Hold compassion and gratitude for yourself and others you crossed paths with. Acknowledge your efforts and the efforts of the millions of people around the world who are faced with challenges and needs just like you. Everything you ate and every tool you used today took time and effort from others, all to sustain and improve your life.

Express gratitude for two things that made your life better today. Think of others and how you can contribute to a calm, caring compassionate world. Your actions and your practices will create your results. Centering yourself in gratitude and positive thinking will help your mind stay calm in stressful times so you can be more efficient in your tasks moving forward. Every positive thought and compassionate action you take makes the future better for you and everyone you share your life with.