CBD is the New Tobacco in Switzerland

//CBD is the New Tobacco in Switzerland

CBD is the New Tobacco in Switzerland

Switzerland is taking a refreshingly common-sense approach to CBD, and it’s making waves around the world. CBD has just joined the ranks of being a tobacco substitute, registered with the Swiss Federal Health Office, along with plants such as passionflower and sage. At long last, it’s becoming a delightfully normal part of everyday life.

Bio Can, an organic gardening company in northern Switzerland, has succeeded in making a high-CBD strain called Fedora available to consumers as a tobacco substitute. The Fedora strain is advertised at 7.2 percent CBD and negligible amounts of psychoactive components, which reportedly allows the buds to adhere to both the Swiss Narcotics Act as well as existing food laws.

No further permission for distribution is required, Bio Can announced, because of the product’s extremely low amount of psychoactive compounds, falling well below Switzerland’s 1% limit.

CBD products were particularly popular this year at Zurich’s Cannatrade, the oldest cannabis trade fair on the continent. Several companies are cultivating CBD plants in greenhouses according to medical standards in order to produce blossoms, concentrates, and other CBD products.

We’re excited to see sensible use policies being coming into practice, at long last. This is part of a growing worldwide movement, where CBD is beginning to be a normal household item. So many people have been waiting for access to CBD for health concerns or relaxation, and we’re excited to see the world opening up to accepting these safe, healthy relaxation products.

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