Creating A Wellness Routine That Works!

You may have tried out a wellness routine in the past and found that you don’t stick to it for long. Routines can often feel dull and boring, something you get into because you need some structure to get things done or achieve a goal. 

Creating a wellness routine that works, one that sticks and becomes second nature, is the kind that you will be able to be consistent with. Your consistency is what will lead you to results. Instead of making big changes to your lifestyle that will be easy to fall right out of, work with the basics.


If you enjoy your wellness routine, you won’t resist it. The best way to make measurable improvements is through consistency!


Start with minor refinements to your current daily activities. Instead of trying to force yourself to do things that you don’t like, incorporate things you do like to create an enjoyable wellness routine that sticks. This way you won’t have the resistance to do something you are not inspired to do.

When we break down our essential needs for basic survival and wellbeing, we have these physiological needs: Sleep, nutrition, and physical movement.


Now let’s upgrade each of these!


The foundation of your wellness is rooted in sleep, so let’s start here. The time you spend sleeping sets the stage for your health and wellbeing. This is a critical time for your body to recover, restore energy, boost your immune system, and support your mood, memory, and critical thinking.

You must fulfill your body’s sleep needs to feel your best. There is no short-cutting your sleep. Make your sleep a priority! 

On days you feel exhausted or in need of some quiet time, take a 20-35 minute nap. The best time to take a daytime nap is between 1- 3 pm. This will ensure you are not disrupting your circadian rhythm, and you can still get a quality night of sleep.

Establish a mindful bedtime routine and self-care ritual that supports your sleep health. All the other elements in your wellness routine depend on you getting enough ZZZ’s!

Enjoy a Pure Sleep Gummy before bed to support quality restorative rest without any added stress.

Here are some helpful tips for creating a mindful bedtime routine that you enjoy so you can get the best night’s sleep!



Nourishing our body and mind is essential for a healthy sense of wellbeing, good energy, focus, productivity, and stress.

Nutrify your soul with superfoods, supplements, and drink lots of water! 

Prepare whole foods for yourself and eat a variety of colorful veggies and fruits. Limit packaged and processed foods that lack live nutrients. Your body thrives on whole foods and live nutrients from plants. Juice your greens if it is easier to get them in your body. Whatever makes it more enjoyable. 

Where ever you go, bring your water bottle! Having it near you and insight will help you stay on top of drinking water throughout the day. This can easily be forgotten when we have a lot going on. Reduce sugary drinks and replace them with fruit or herb-infused water.

Start taking daily supplements to fuel your body and brain with plenty of nutrients. Your diet can fall short in vitamins and minerals that the body loves and needs for optimal function. A daily multivitamin or herbal supplements can help your body thrive! 

Incorporate a daily dose of CBD for stress, mood, and wellness support. Pure Balance CBD gummies are an enjoyable way to support your wellbeing, help with stress, and balances your endocannabinoid system which supports all major body functions! Enjoy Pure Balance CBD in a delicious fruit-flavored gummy, fast-absorbing tincture, or vegan softgel for daily self-care!

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Physical Movement:

You get out of bed in the morning and use your body throughout the day to take care of your daily tasks and essential needs. But how often do you exercise for the sake of your health, for digestion, to burn calories, sleep better at night, relieve stress, or feel invigorated Exercise is not always something you look forward to, but the results of it can be! 

You don’t need to push yourself hard with a workout routine, start with any activity that gets you moving. Watch a guided workout tutorial, stretch often in between tasks, lift weights, walk the stairs, and take more steps when you are out and about. Start with the basics, then go for the upgrade.

Dedicate time every week for a good invigorating workout, one that makes you sweat! The endorphins released after a good workout are sure to be enjoyed!

The more frequently you engage in physical activity, the happier you will feel because your dopamine and serotonin levels increase! These happy hormones are key to feeling good and releasing stress.

There are lots of things you can do to raise your wellness standards and upgrade your health! Each time you make a healthier choice, appreciate yourself for it. Raising your standards is self-love! It’s not all about diet and exercise; it is in everything we naturally do every day and the mindset we do it with. Your enjoyment is key to creating a wellness routine that works.