World Series Athlete David Wells: Painkillers vs. CBD

//World Series Athlete David Wells: Painkillers vs. CBD

World Series Athlete David Wells: Painkillers vs. CBD

David Wells is known for his accomplishments of pitching a perfect game and helping two franchises win the World Series, but now he’s standing up as a courageous voice for change. Wells has become an outspoken advocate of CBD oil, making a powerful point about its potential for professional athletes.

The Darker Side of Baseball

Wells shares how he and many athletes took painkillers such as Percocet on a regular basis. Not many people think of baseball as having the same physical impact as a contact sport like football, but there’s actually a heavy toll on athletes’ bodies, even in baseball, making painkiller use incredibly high. They use painkillers after surgery. Sometimes just to get through another start while dealing with the grind of pitching. Sometimes recreationally- these drugs have a high potential for abuse and addiction. He continued using these painkillers even after he ended his 21-year MLB career in 2007. Then he tried CBD (cannabidiol), and like many others who have discovered CBD, Wells says he hasn’t touched an opioid since.

Like many across the world, Wells had grown sick of the drugs’ after-effects, saying “I felt like crap” and turned to CBD after watching a 60 Minutes story about how it helped a young girl in Colorado who was suffering 300 seizures a week.

“I wish I knew about it back when I played because I would’ve been all over it,” Wells said, “I would’ve took those risks. He went on to share how much painkillers had permeated his life: “I’d say probably from ’99 on, probably 75-80 percent of the time I was on it,” he said.

Now Wells maintains an active lifestyle, full of golf and hunting and coaching high school baseball near his home in San Diego, all without opioids. “I just turned 53,” Wells said. “I’m three-and-a-half years painkiller free. That’s pretty good.”

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