Essential Nutrition For Improving Mental Health

Mental health and nutrition has been a hot topic lately. Have you ever heard the famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”? This ancient quote is from the Greek physician Hippocrates and has stood the test of time. The first and most obvious role of nutrition is to support the physical body to generate energy to sustain itself. Nutrition is not just our physical body’s medicine, but also our mind’s medicine. Our diet feeds our thoughts, moods, and beliefs.  

Nutrition and self-care directly impact our mental health. Diet is the biggest influencer on physical and mental health. The role of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates is to essentially support your physical brain, which also supports your “gut brain” health. The communication that happens between the two plays an important role in how we feel. Do you experience brain fog, irritability, depression, and anxiety? More often than not, poor nutrition leads to mental illness. Many people report major health improvements after cutting out processed foods and eating a balanced natural diet.


Balanced consistent nutrition helps build the gut brain memory and programs it to love and crave natural foods. You don’t need to get swept away with fad diets or think that all sugar and fat is bad. There is an overwhelming amount of information and specialty diets delivering promises. Just focus on balance and start slow. Be patient with yourself. Reprogramming your relationship with food doesn’t happen overnight; it takes consistency and awareness. Eating clean doesn’t mean bland and boring! Raw natural foods can be made into delicious, flavorful meals. 

Go to the source, eat natural foods, and focus on how you feel. Have a sweet tooth? Bite into the simple bliss of fresh strawberries instead of processed cookies. Ditch the chips and cheese dip for savory grilled zucchini and fresh hummus dip infused with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD! Empower yourself with nutrition information and the benefits of whole foods. Understanding why you are making the choices you do will help you stay on track. Visit our blog for healthy recipe ideas and foods infused with CBD to support your wellness goals.

The good news is that by taking responsibility for your nutrition and being mindful of the communication between the gut and the mind, you can begin to improve your health. Improving the ways you care for yourself will directly affect your energetic health, emotional balance, and you will most likely experience more mental clarity. The body has a profound ability to heal itself when you provide it with the right tools and mindfulness. When you start eating the right things, focus on balance, and create a loving relationship to natural food, you create a stable foundation, and health naturally follows.