FROST is one of our most exciting products! It’s a pure, crystallized CBD concentrate from our organically grown hemp plants, in a convenient little package. You can eat it, inhale it and even use it on your skin. Read on for some great ways to make the most of your experience!

At 98%+ purity, Crystalline FROST Pure CBD Crystals are the purest form of hemp extract currently on the market. These crystals are the result of extracting non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) from our organically grown industrial hemp and then applying our proprietary multi-step crystallization process to create the purest isolate available. Perfect for a variety of uses, Crystalline Frost Pure CBD Crystals can be used in drinks, edibles, or any other appropriate vaporizing device used for consuming shatter, oils, or wax. Frost Pure CBD Crystals can also be dissolved under the tongue.  Pure Hemp Botanicals prides itself on producing the purest and highest quality CBD products available today, with purity levels confirmed by an independent lab.

Crystalline Frost Pure CBD Crystals are available in the accessible sizes of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1 g packages. Our serving sizes offer the flexibility to accommodate different tolerance levels and modalities.

Read on for tips on what it does and how to use it