How to Administer CBD Oil to Your Animal

When giving your pet CBD, you may have some questions come up about how much CBD oil you should give to your pet and how to best administer it to them. Pure Hemp Botanicals Pet CBD oil can be given to animals of all shapes and sizes.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Pet CBD oil tinctures are extracted from the whole hemp plant and do not contain any other added ingredients, flavors, or fillers. Our hemp-based pet CBD oil has a naturally mild, earthy flavor and some animals may not like the taste of it alone.

This article offers guidance on what a small dose is and a large dose based on your pet’s weight and the best methods of administration. Consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns or questions about giving CBD to your animal. 


Based on the weight and health status of your animal, finding the right dosage might take a few tries. Always start on the lower end and gradually work up until you notice an improvement in your pet. For their first time try a few drops directly in their mouth and see how they do after an hour. If they are getting sleepy then knock down their dose size a little bit. You want them to be comfortable and remain active.

For cats and dogs of all sizes, it is best to measure the serving based on their weight. Veterinarians recommend 1-5mg of CBD per 10 pounds. So if your Dog weighs around 40 pounds a small dose would be about 4mg and a strong dose would be about 20mg.

Pet CBD Dosage


There are a few ways you can safely administer pet CBD oil to your animal. When you are giving your pet CBD oil do it in a calm manner when they are relaxed. If you are trying to give it to them when they are distressed or you have to hold them down and work against them, you are going to have a hard time introducing it to them and they will want to avoid it. So be sure to make their experience as calm and harmonious as possible.

The fastest and most efficient way you can give CBD oil to your pet is by dropping it directly on the gums or under their tongue. This method is the most effective as the CBD oil is absorbed quickly through the mucus membrane and it will have the highest bioavailability. They may not like the taste and that is a normal reaction. Your animal will experience the benefits in about 30 minutes. Wipe any saliva off the dropper before putting it back into the bottle.

If you cannot easily get your animal to take the CBD oil then the next best way is to mix it into their favorite treat so you don’t have to force it down. Mix the pet CBD oil into a tiny spoonful of peanut butter, some tuna fish juice, or whatever your pet will happily ingest. Don’t mix it into a lot of food, just a little bit so they can absorb as much CBD oil as possible.

You can also rub a little CBD oil into the skin around your animal’s inner ear for absorption through the skin. This method may be useful for mild conditions or micro-dosing; If you are breaking up their dose into multiple drops throughout the day.


After administering a dose of CBD oil to your pet, wait and see if anything changes for them. If you are not noticing it helping them after an hour, give them a little more. Depending on the issue you are trying to target, you may want to give them a dose every 6-8 hours if they need more and are responding well.


If your pet is healing from a long-term ailment, experiencing seizures, or recovering from an injury you may want to try micro-dosing once your pet has adjusted to taking CBD oil regularly.

This is where you break up their daily doses into smaller amounts and give it to them more frequently. When you break up the dosage it will remain in your pet’s body for a longer period of time. This extended bioavailability can provide prolonged benefits and may be more effective for your animal. This is great especially for older pets if you are using CBD oil for comfort care and quality of life.

Track results

Take note of how your animal is responding to CBD oil. Whether you are using it temporarily to support their wellness and quality of life or long-term to care for pets with more severe issues, be sure to watch how it is affecting them and refining their dosage depending on their response. Talk with your veterinarian about CBD oil and your pet’s health status to determine if it is a good option.