Compassion in Action: How We Bring Hemp to You

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Compassion in Action: How We Bring Hemp to You

Do you ever wonder where the raw materials for your favorite products come from? We do. Since health, compassion and environmental sustainability are our top priorities, we want to know that every step in our production process—from farm to store—is ethical and environmentally responsible. This is why Pure Hemp Botanicals’ products are made from hemp grown by our partner company, Greenhouse Growing System. This allows us to control the quality of the product from seedling to final packaging.

Pure Hemp Botanicals partners with Greenhouse Growing System and Advanced Plant Processing (we’ll tell you more about them in a future blog!) in order to achieve our collective mission to serve a community of connoisseurs of sustainable, plant based products, guided by our mantra, “Compassion in Action.”

Pure Hemp Botanicals controls the quality of our products from hemp seedling to final packaging. Click To Tweet

Farm2Greenhouse Growing System (GGS) is our hemp grower in Colorado that produces organic hemp for the products we bring to market at Pure Hemp Botanicals. GGS also provides hemp to other processors and manufacturers to help bring their products to market. In the beginning of 2015, GGS began with only 10 plants and the vision to organically and compassionately grow CBD (cannabidiol) rich hemp plants. Today, GGS is able to harvest a new crop weekly in their climate controlled greenhouses in addition to supplementing their production with outdoor farms.

The GGS skilled team of farmers, botanists, and hemp specialists are experts at producing a thriving crop that is beneficial for humans and the environment. Unlike conventional farms that use toxic chemicals to keep pests and unwanted plants from damaging their crops, GGS doesn’t use pesticides or herbicides. Instead, we use natural, nontoxic pest deterrents and nematode beneficials. The greenhouse is flourishing because the employees have a thorough understanding of how to put veganic and organic agricultural practices to use to cultivate a healthy crop.

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Each grower on our team has a different reason why they are excited to work with hemp every day. Scott Rich, the Head Grower at Greenhouse Growing System, has one of the most powerful stories. 21 years ago, cannabis transformed his life.

Scott has suffered from debilitating migraines since he was a kid. Even as a child, his doctors prescribed him strong narcotic painkillers to ease the blinding pain caused by his severe headaches. He began to second guess his doctors recommendations when he was 17. He didn’t like how the medication could make his mind feel cloudy and, most of all, he worried about the long-term side effects. He had already begun to notice that when he didn’t take his medication his hands would shake violently. There had to be a safer alternative, he thought. During his search for a holistic remedy that would ease his pain, a friend recommended CBD. Without another option, he decided to take a chance on this hemp-derived treatment. It completely changed his life and motivated him to become an expert on hemp. By the time he joined Greenhouse Growing System team, he had become a sought after consultant for hemp farmers throughout Colorado with 20 years of experience mastering the science of growing CBD-rich hemp.

Farm1We are proud to work with Scott and the entire team at Greenhouse Growing System to produce our pure hemp and CBD-rich products. Our unique differentiator is growing our own organic hemp plants and utilizing state of the art extraction procedures to bring products to market in a thoughtful, compassionate way. It’s just the way we like to do business. Now you know that the products you see on were not only made with a great deal of thoughtfulness and compassion, but with a lot of love. We look forward to serving you soon.

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