Indiana Hemp Bill Would Help Kids With Seizures

//Indiana Hemp Bill Would Help Kids With Seizures

Indiana Hemp Bill Would Help Kids With Seizures

Joe Bennett has intractable epilepsy – seizures that are very difficult for him to control. Sometimes, this 7-year-old had more than 200 seizures a day. He had to wear bike helmets for his safety – to give you an idea of the severity of his illness, in 2013 he had gone through 29 helmets.

With his family becoming desperate after 15 anti-seizure medications proved ineffective and detrimental for his development, they decided to come to Colorado to try hemp-based CBD, after hearing about other children who had found it successful, like Charlotte Figi. The results were incredible.

“We saw his seizures get less, then less, then less,” his father Brian Bennett said. “We stayed out there as long as we could afford to. Three weeks the first time.” The Bennetts noticed that not only was Joe having less seizures, but he was experiencing a whole new side of himself. “At school, he had an attention span, which went from nonexistent,” Brian said. “We went back (to Colorado) over spring break and his behavior got even better.” Many anti-seizure medications are detrimental to childhood development, and have an intoxicating effect. The fact that Joe could finally be functional and engaged in his life is a strong argument for CBD to become available to other children as well. Oh, and, no more bike helmets.

Brian said he and his wife have taken Joe to Colorado several times, but their resources have run out, and their true home is in Indiana. “We had to make a decision on what makes Joe’s life better,” Brian said. “We decided the best way to move forward is to try to get this legal in Indiana.” Many other parents around the country are in their position, having to put their lives on hold because they have no access to the medication their children need in their home states.

We wish them luck, and hope that Indiana joins us in offering sensible, necessary policy changes for hemp.

To read more about the Bennett family and the proposed bill HB1181, check out the original article here:

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