All of us here at Pure Hemp Botanicals would like to welcome the newest PHB Family member, Kassim Osgood! For those of us who haven’t followed sports over the years, Kassim is a former NFL wide receiver who played for Chargers, Jaguars, Lions and the 49ers. He had an amazing professional career but as with all players he ended up with quite a few injuries. Among them, over 800 concussions. He’s now moved away from pharmaceuticals and has turned to Pure Hemp Botanicals. Come meet him and check out this amazing interview done by

In this interview Kassim talks about  turning to CBD for many of the side effects from being an elite athlete. Today Kassim is an advocate for the many health benefits of cannabis particularly for retired athletes whose only other alternatives are opioid based treatments. As the science behind cannabis treatments advances, he is adamant about using products that take special care to insure pure quality ingredients and consistent manufacturing from seed to sale. For this reason he has turned to Pure Hemp Botanicals as a fully vertically integrated product company that oversees every step of the process in creating quality CBD based products.