Whether you’re planning to spend this Valentine’s Day enjoying a romantic evening with your beloved, having a Galentine’s dinner with your friends, spending time with family, your adorable dog, or plan to just enjoy your own delightful company, there’s always room for more good food! I thought I’d share some fun videos I came across, with some healthy, simple, satisfying recipes. They were fun to watch and easy to make – what’s not to love?

Decadent Desserts

In the first video, they had me at the nut butter dates. I need this in my life. If they think I’m sharing these with anyone, they’d be very wrong – I’ll probably eat them faster than they can go on the plate! Personally, I think these recipes are missing one thing, so I’d give one piece of advice for really upping your dessert game:

Add CBD Tincture! This could be your most relaxing, feel-good Valentine’s Day ever!

Pasta Perfection

This pasta dish sounds absolutely scrumptious! Not only is the recipe out of this world, but the video itself was really lovely. Lots of my friends don’t do too well with wheat, so I like to use Tinkyada rice-based pastas instead. They’re delicious, with just the right texture. Add a couple of droppers of our tincture into the sauce, and you’ve got yourself a delightful evening!


We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Remember that the most important love of all is the love you feel inside yourself. Take today to encourage yourself, to do things that delight you, and feel your best! Big hugs from Team PHB!

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