Is Raw Cannabis the new Kale? The Benefits Blew Our Minds

//Is Raw Cannabis the new Kale? The Benefits Blew Our Minds

Is Raw Cannabis the new Kale? The Benefits Blew Our Minds

Cannabis just keeps getting cooler. Colorado’s “other state flower” has been revealing its secrets to the people who dedicate their time to researching its health applications. Now, it’s time to add the “raw” category to its list of accomplishments. While many people know about cannabis oil and the seemingly endless parade of benefits it is being studied for, not many people know about all the benefits of raw cannabis.

Some studies indicate that cannabis oil may prevent epileptic seizures, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and even different cancers. Eating raw cannabis is also a great way to prevent many types of cancer and various diseases, says Dr. William Courtney, of the Cannabis International Foundation.

How Does It Work?

Interesting Engineering explains: “There are two primary cannabinoid acids, called THCa and CBDa, which work differently. When you heat CBDa and THCa via vaping, smoking or cooking, the component becomes different chemicals in a process called decarboxylation, commonly referred to as “decarbing.”

Courtney suggests that “High doses of raw CBDa and THCa are much more effective than their broken-down counterparts when it comes to their anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-ischemic properties.” Like all other leafy greens, cannabis includes highly beneficial essentials that are mostly anticonvulsant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. These include terpenes, linalool, pinene, limonene and even Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.”

According to Dr. Courtney, cannabis has a vital role in basic cell functions, through its cannabinoid acids. He makes a significant point in calling it a ‘dietary essential.’ There’s a wealth of anecdotal evidence from people who juice cannabis leaves for wellness, and even some who swear that it was their turning point in fighting cancer. We clearly have a lot of wonderful things to learn about this plant.

While we can’t expect to find bowls of cannabis leaves next to the mixed greens in our local salad shops any time too soon, it’s worth exploring whether raw cannabis could be a supportive lifestyle choice for you!

Read more of the Interesting Engineering’s article here:

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