Once the presents have all been opened and we’ve visited the last holiday party ‘til New Year’s Eve, many of us find ourselves with some extra time to look back on the last year. We ask ourselves questions like:

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What new places have I seen? What challenges have I overcome? What new relationships have I gained? Before we headed home for the holiday, our team at Pure Hemp Botanicals asked similar questions as we reflected on our first year together.

2015 was an incredible year for us! We can hardly believe all of the relationships we have built and milestones we have reached in this first year as we have transformed our founder Alex Seleznov’s dream into a thriving business that is impacting others’ lives. For Alex, seeing our customers, our team, and our product lines consistently growing each month has been the greatest achievement. For Jennifer Young, Pure Hemp Botanicals’ Director of Operations and Business Development, the most meaningful milestone we have reached was seeing our mission of “Compassion in Action” implemented by the contribution of 1% of our proceeds to Mercy for Animals. She shared with us, “I love that any work I do is a contribution to helping create a better world!  Moving forward into 2016, I see endless growth opportunities for Pure Hemp Botanicals and our phenomenal team!  Knowing that we are all creating and distributing products with intentions to heal our Earth and its inhabitants, is all the inspiration I need to secure a lifetime of love and dedication to this company and everyone that is part of it.”

Working for Pure Hemp Botanicals is a fulfillment of a lifelong goal for many of us. Whether we were brought here because of our passion for hemp or our enthusiasm for working for a compassionate, vegan company, we wake up excited to go to work—despite the unexpected challenges and hurdles that often arise—because we love what we do.

Here are some more milestones that we are excited to have achieved in 2015:

  • Growing our product offerings from 0 to 11 in one year!
  • Receiving 1,000 comments from customers who say our products helped improve their lives.
  • Participating in more than 8 different events across Colorado that allowed us to meet great people like you and build relationships with other local businesses, sustainable living enthusiasts and vegan advocates.
  • Bringing Pure Hemp Botanicals products to the shelves of 7 retail locations: Natures Herbs and Wellness, Denver, CO; All American Tobacco, Fernandina Beach, FL; The Vault, North Hampton, MA; Super Nova, San Antonio, TX; Rocket Man Boulder, Boulder, CO; The Kind Pen, Long Branch,NJ; Green State Gardner, Burlington, VT.

We wish you all a very Happy 2016 and look forward to serving you!

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