We absolutely adore our amazing community! You guys are the reason for why we do what we do, and why we do it with such precision and care. While we’re usually wearing our serious scientific hats around here, sometimes it’s fun to do something a little silly, to connect and to have fun with the people that matter to us – you!

We decided to have a meme contest last week, and the entries were hilarious! Here’s the photo we used:

kitten meme hemp

We had so many hilarious entries, but these were our team’s top favorites!

3rd Place: Julie Knorr Koderick “Pure Hemp Botanicals are purr-fect when you would like a relaxing cat nap!”

2nd Place: Kristen Nagy “This is our newest strain of meowajuana!”

1st Place: Ronald Diberto “We need this to come down from the catnip”

Thanks for playing everyone! Keep checking back on our Facebook page for fun contests, recipes, research, inspiring stories and more!