Moms Know Best – Global CBD Legalization

//Moms Know Best – Global CBD Legalization

Moms Know Best – Global CBD Legalization

Beyond all the preening and posturing of politicians using legalization to raise their ratings, beyond the promises of a new market (and new fortunes), there’s a powerful heart driving the global legalization movement: moms of children with epilepsy who have discovered that cannabis works where pharmaceuticals do not.

Moms around the world have been banding together to create a common-sense approach to CBD for their children. When standard medical treatments fail to help their children’s epilepsy, cancer or other serious conditions, they refused to give up. Not only did they pursue what was best for their children, but they also had the courage to come out of the canna-closet, sharing their results with other moms who were searching for an answer to their children’s suffering.

Moms Tear Down Brazil’s CBD Prohibition

This story was an incredible example of how moms around the world support each other. Both marijuana and hemp were considered completely illegal. That all changed last week thanks to two moms, one in the United States and one in Brazil who made history after fighting to have a hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) product allowed for import in the country.

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Penny Howard, a Dallas mom had been successfully treating her daughter Harper with the product and was sharing her experiences on her blog. Brazilian mother Katiele Bortoli learned of Harper’s success and wanted to try the product with her own daughter. With the help of the Howards, Katiele Bortoli began importing the CBD product. Then, disaster struck: the Brazillian government seized the imports and charged Bortoli for using the CBD. With an incredible amount of courage and determination, she fought the government in court and won approval for the importation of CBD for approved medical conditions within Brazil, including epilepsy. These moms supported each other, and their results now support countless children who now have legal access to this life-changing plant extract.

Thanks to moms like these, and all the forward-thinking scientists, doctors, advocates and voters out there, families around the world are starting to see a brighter future.

It simply can’t be argued: moms know best.

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