Happy Monday everyone! While Monday isn’t usually known as the most looked-forward-to day of the week, I’m excited to share some tips with you to help you feel great today! Here are some morning wellness practices that can help support your well-being from the comfort of your home. Setting a daily routine for yourself is a great way to get into healthier habits. I hope you enjoy these ideas, and consider adding them or something similar to your daily routine! Try it out, and see if it feels right for you.

Morning Yoga

Let’s get started with a 10-minute yoga session. It’s a great way to challenge yourself, especially if you’re new to yoga. This is a wonderful flow for opening up your circulation and easing into your morning. I like to start with some CBD Tincture, Capsules or Softgels, to help me loosen up before a stretch.


 Take a Deep Breath

This is a relaxing meditation, perfect for mid-day stress or fatigue. A great way to support yourself through the day is by scheduling in time to get centered and slow down. When you need to refresh yourself, give this a listen!

Before Bed

Do you have trouble sleeping? Many people do. There’s more to sleep than laying down in bed and hoping for the best! Preparing your body with stretches, relaxation and aromatherapy are great ways to set yourself up for sleep success. Here’s a routine I’ve found helpful:

  • Put some lavender essential oil in a diffuser – lavender is known to be incredibly relaxing, and a great sleep aid.
  • Have some Hemptealicious Tea – it’s so soothing, and wonderful for easing the tensions of the day.
  • Do some writing about your day – what you learned, things you’re working through, something you’re excited about – whatever you want to explore.
  • Enjoy the yoga stretches in the video below, to help slow down your body and your mind.
  • Sleep well!