Introducing our newest addition to the Pure Balance line, Broad Spectrum Extra Strength 3,000mg CBD oil tincture.

We are excited to now offer an extra-strength CBD formula without detectable levels THC. The new 3,000mg Broad spectrum tincture is the perfect formula for those looking for maximum relief and who would like to avoid THC in their system. 

If you are someone who uses extra-strength CBD formulas to manage complex issues, you will enjoy the powerful effects of broad spectrum CBD without the concern of feeling “high” or consuming the amounts of THC that appear in Full Spectrum products.


 What is Broad Spectrum

The big difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum is the diminishing of THC. Aside from that, broad spectrum is similar to full spectrum hemp extract. Both formulas feature a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working together for the entourage effect. 

This formula is perfect for those who need the maximum support from hemp without the effects of trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum helps your body, mood, stress, and overall wellbeing without any unwanted “high” or psychoactive effects.



Broad Spectrum Is Best For

  • Those who are sensitive to THC
  • Those who need maximum support without the buildup of THC in their system
  • CBD beginners who are apprehensive to consume THC

Pure Balance 3,000mg broad spectrum, benefits your endocannabinoid system with a wide array of beneficial whole plant cannabinoids. Here are some cannabinoids found in broad spectrum. These components of the whole hemp plant work together to bring you balance and relief for optimal wellness.

Broad Spectrum Includes

  • CBD – Cannabidiol
  • CBN – Cannabinol
  • CBG – Cannabigerol
  • CBC – Cannabichromene
  • Terpenes & Flavonoids

Pure Balance CBD formulas are crafted for balance and ease, so you can function at your best everyday. A serving of Pure Balance CBD daily supports your overall wellbeing and is helpful during times of stress, restlessness, mood imbalance, discomfort, and when you could use some wellness support.

Broad Spectrum 3,000mg Tincture offers 100mg of cannabinoids per serving with 30 servings total in one bottle. You can take a few drops daily, or a full serving depending on the issues you want to target. Pure Balance tinctures are all-natural made from 100% hemp with no flavors or additives. If you dislike the natural flavor of hemp, you can mix the CBD tincture into a drink or drizzle the oil on top of a meal.

Pure Balance 3,000mg broad spectrum extra strength formula was crafted from high quality Colorado grown hemp made to support various wellness needs and help you improve your overall wellbeing!