How’re you feeling? Excellent, we hope. 

However good we usually are, most of us feel off at times. Some days Grandma’s wonton soup fixes us right up. Sometimes getting outside for a long walk with Rover does the trick. Other times snuggling in a thick blanket and blocking everything out with a good book is really what we need.

Pure Immune Gummies

But now and then you get a drippy nose or scratchy throat. Or you can’t afford to get those cold or flu symptoms. On those days, we can help support our immune system’s daily battle.

    • 90 mg Vitamin C per serving: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is vital to the body’s healing process. An antioxidant, it also protects cells against damage caused by free radicals. Our bodies don’t produce vitamin C so we must get it from our diet.(1)
    • 7.5 mg of Zinc per serving: Studies suggest that if taken soon after cold symptoms appear, zinc might shorten the length of a cold.(2)
    • 100 mg of delicious elderberry: Limited studies found that elderberry eases flu symptoms by up to 50% if started within 1-2 days of symptom onset.(3) 
    • 50 mg of broad spectrum CBD: supports rest and overall wellness 
    • Two gummies is one serving
    • Dosage: take two gummies every day for immune system support
Pure Immune Gummies

Pure Sleep Gummies

Some days we have so much anxiety or stress that we know if we could just finally get a good night’s sleep everything would be SOOO much better!

    • 25 mg CBD – restores homeostasis through the endocannabinoid system
    • 5 mg CBN – nicknamed “the sleepy cannabinoid”
    • 2 mg melatonin – naturally made by our bodies, a compound known to promote quality and duration of sleep
    • THC-free, orange Dream deliciousness
    • Dosage: Take one or two an hour before bedtime
Pure Sleep Gummies

Pure Balance Gummies

Boss reducing a due date and now too much caffeine putting a twitch in your get-along? Relatives showing up unexpectedly wanting to know where the guest room is? Some days we  seem to have almost found our balance, and we want to keep feeling good despite all the daily pressures around us.

    • 25 mg of full spectrum cannabinoids maximize the Entourage Effect
    • Maintain endocannabinoid system balance
    • Three delicious flavors 
    • Recommended dosage: 1-2 gummies as needed
Pure Balance Gummies

Pure Elevate Gummies

But at other times, we may need a whole new perspective on life. A total system refresh. Those days you just want to step back and reconsider the Big Picture. As if a serene mountaintop is what’s calling to you

    • 17 mg full spectrum CBD
    • 2.5 mg hemp-derived Delta-9 THC 
    • 2 mg CBG: “the mother of all cannabinoids”
    • Dosage: Start with one half of one quarter of a gummy, and reevaluate after 4 hours.
Pure Elevate Gummies