Plant Wisdom Hemp Tea For Wellness

Roots and leaves, flowers to fruits, plants have forever been our trusted wellness allies. Through centuries-old tea harvesting traditions and a modern approach to everyday herbalism, Hemptealicious teas are a great compliment to your wellness routine!

Compassionately Crafted Hemp Tea For Wellness

Starting with the seeds we sow, each batch of Hemptealicious is crafted with Colorado sun-grown organic hemp leaves, hand-picked, and finely ground. We pair each batch of pure hemp leaves with delicious herbs, roots, and flowers to nurture and balance your body, mind, and spirit.

A cup of hemp tea a day helps keep the stress away for vibrant living and good health year-round. Hemptealicious teas have a wide range of naturally occurring plant terpenes to help you feel your best. Each tea bag makes the perfect cup of tea to support relaxation, recovery from a cold, unwinding after a long day, or entering your day with a calm, clear head.

Hemp Tea Wellness Benefits

      • Stress relieving and relaxing
      • Promotes a calm focused mind
      • Supports joints and muscles
      • Balance immune system functions
      • Comforting for your lungs and respiratory system
      • Cleansing and harmonizing

Hemptealicious comes in 6 flavors, blended for a delicious soothing experience. Find peace of mind in each cup with a full spectrum of natural plant terpenes. Hand-crafted, and blended with love, warm up from the inside out with your favorite cup of hemp tea for wellness.

Hemp Tea for Wellness

Pure Hemp Tea –  Earthy, Grounding, Relaxing

Apple Hibiscus Hemp Tea –  Fruity, Nurturing, Harmonizing

Chamomile Lavender Hemp Tea –  Peaceful, Calming, Purifying

Ginger Turmeric Hemp Tea –  Warming, Spicy, Cleansing

Spearmint Lemongrass Hemp Tea –  Gentle, Refreshing, Comforting

Peppermint Mate Hemp Tea –  Cooling, Uplifting, Energizing