If you want to enjoy the experience of hemp without having to inhale it, CBD Hemp Oil Capsules are the perfect choice. Capsules make ingesting high-grade cannabidiol convenient and easy, as they are flavorless and easier to swallow than tablets. CBD Hemp Oil Capsules offer a low-risk way to supplement your diet in a consistent and flavorless dose.

We use sustainably grown plants to make CBD Hemp Oil Capsules locally in Colorado without the use of herbicides or pesticides. All our products are non-psychoactive and derived from 100% industrial organic hemp. Pure Hemp Botanicals utilizes cutting edge extraction technology, producing the highest quality capsules that are backed by laboratory testing.

All-natural CBD Hemp Oil Capsules set the industry standard for vegan, fair-trade gel caps, and are manufactured to offer the most benefits for a variety of ailments. We use coconut oil as the carrying agent in these capsules. CBD Hemp Oil Capsules are available in two convenient sizes: 50mg capsules in a 1500mg bottle, and 100mg capsules in a 3,000mg bottle. Our different serving sizes conveniently accommodate different tolerance levels and modalities.