Looking for a lip balm to protect, soothe, and nourish your lips? Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Lip Balm is here for you! With 10mg of CBD per tube, these moisturizing Lip Balms are a great way to get the benefits of topical CBD while protecting the sensitive skin on your lips from daily damage.

Our CBD Lip Balms come in three delicious varieties:

  • Berry is a burst of fruity flavor
  • Peppermint is a classic minty and refreshing experience
  • Natural is scentless and flavorless, perfect for anyone with sensitivities

Each flavor of CBD Lip Balm is brimming with the high quality ingredients that make Pure Hemp Botanicals an industry leader. With smooth avocado butter for a luxurious swipe every time and candelilla wax to guarantee long-lasting protection with no waxy residue, your lips will be sure to thank you! Treat yourself to the best hydrating nourishment money can buy.