Pure Balance Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

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  • Whole plant formula
  • Vegan and non-GMO
  • Compassionately crafted in Colorado
  • Full spectrum Pure Hemp based CBD oil
  • Your daily wellness and balance is our priority.

Purity you can trust. Quality you can feel.

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Purchasing this product earns you 24-124 Pure Points worth $4.80-$24.80!
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300mg Functional, 1,500mg Extra Strength, 3,000mg Maximum Strength, 750mg Maintenance


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Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Balance Full Spectrum CBD Softgels are Vegan and are available in 4 strengths:

  • 300mg 
  • 750mg
  • 1,500mg
  • 3,000mg

Vegan Whole Plant Formula

Pure Hemp Botanicals hemp based CBD products are purely crafted with high quality standards that make us an industry leader. Pure Hemp Softgels are all-natural, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and vegan. The outer casing is made from a carrageenan-based gel matrix, derived from red seaweed. Each casing is filled with 100mg of pure CBD extract derived from high-quality Colorado hemp. Pure Hemp Botanicals Softgels come in an airtight container, are leak free and have a long shelf life. Because CBD Hemp Oil Softgels are free of preservatives, it is best to store them in a cool, dark, dry place to retain freshness. Our plant-based softgels exhibit better thermal stability than animal gelatin softgels, making them less sticky or likely to clump together when exposed to high temperatures. Inactive ingredients include vegan softgels and refined coconut oil. All Pure Hemp Botanicals products are put through rigorous testing to ensure every end product is consistent and of superior quality.

Pure High Quality Hemp

Since 2015, our team at Pure Hemp Botanicals has been delivering pure effective, Vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO CBD products. From our farm to your hands, every batch of CBD extract comes from happy, healthy, Colorado grown hemp plants. Pure and natural our hemp grows in organic soil. Compassion in action guides every step of our operations. When you choose Pure Hemp Botanicals you are choosing high quality sustainable hemp products that are good for you and the environment.

Lab Tested 

Pure Hemp Botanicals prides itself on producing the highest quality product available. Each softgel is made through a controlled process to ensure consistency and purity, yielding reliable and predictable results in every batch. Each product has a lab result number on it that correlates to our lab testing results which are available at the following link: LAB RESULTS Simply place your batch number into the search field (found on the product) and click search and direct link to the lab results for your product.


Grown, processed, and packaged in Colorado, Pure Hemp Botanicals controls the process from soil to oil, meaning we take pride in the quality and consistency of our products. Our healthy, happy, hemp is grown in organic soil ensuring the purest natural extract.


Purity you can trust. Quality you can feel. 

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD extracts are put through a rigorous testing process that is 3rd party lab tested by ISO 17025 accredited labs, ensuring potency and purity of our end product. Lab results for every product are available here. Both full spectrum and broad spectrum are made from the finest quality Colorado grown industrial hemp. Our 3rd party labs verify that our full spectrum CBD extract contains less than 0.3% THC, the legal limit. Our quality control procedures ensure consistency from one bottle to the next, yielding reliable and predictable results in every batch.

*As with all products made from hemp, there is a chance that consuming Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD could trigger a positive drug screening exam. Contact your doctor and/or employer if you are concerned about this issue.*

*Light psychoactive effects can occur for sensitive individuals with full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD formulas when taken in high doses.*