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  • 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
  • 500mg CBD Cooling Gel
  • Delivers an icy blast of pure CBD
  • Pure plant-based formulations
  • Convenient use and soothing results
  • Fast-acting high quality cannabidiol formulas

Discover the Power of Pure. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD plant powered duo comes with our original 750mg full spectrum CBD oil tincture and our 500mg CBD Cooling Gel Roll-on. This soothing combination delivers you the benefits of hemp in two ways. Experience the cooling comfort and ease of our CBD Cooling Gel upon application. Our tincture offers a fast-absorbing convenient dose of cannabinoids in each serving. Each bottle contains 750mg of CBD with 25mg per serving. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD duo delivers you optimal balance and ease, every day.

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A balanced approach to incorporating CBD into your daily care regime, our CBD full spectrum Tincture, and Topical Duo offers you a customized way to utilize the power of pure cannabinoids for daily maintenance and wellness. Our plant-powered, vegan, CBD formulations are designed to give you the best experience hemp can offer. Apply CBD Cooling Gel to target discomfort and tense areas. Take a daily serving of Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD oil to balance your endocannabinoid system and support your overall wellbeing.

Topical: Pure Hemp Botanicals 500mg CBD Cooling Gel is formulated with powerful Icy menthol, pure essential oils, and high-quality CBD extract. Apply to aches and tense spots to reduce discomfort and support your everyday activities. Relax those hot bothered muscles with this pure plant powered Cooling Gel roll-on. Made with only vegan ingredients, our formulas are compassionate to your body and our planet. 500mg CBD Cooling Gel formula comes in a roll-on bottle for a convenient, mess-free application. Rigorously tested, our CBD Cooling Gel formula can support your wellness and workout goals. Give your body the balance and serenity it deserves with results you can feel!

Tincture: Pure Hemp Botanicals 750mg Full Spectrum Tincture delivers you all the benefits of hemp through a full array of cannabinoids extracted from high quality, Colorado grown hemp.
With 750mg per one ounce bottle, each serving delivers 25mg of CBD derived from 100% high quality hemp. Serving size is 1 dropper (1 ml) with 30 servings per bottle. This quick-absorbing, natural tincture goes down smooth and has a pure earthy flavor. Place the preferred amount under tongue for the simplest method of ingestion. Pure Hemp Botanicals tinctures can also be added to your food and beverages. It’s completely pure, free of additives, and a great easy way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids in. Our 750mg Full-spectrum CBD oil tincture is a whole-plant extract which contains the maximum legal amount 0.3% of THC. Even though CBD Tincture shows its effects quickly, rest assured that this product is non-psychoactive. Like all of our products, CBD Tincture is always vegan, cruelty free and non-GMO.

Experience optimal balance and ease, every day with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Duo.

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