Most people don’t think about their joint health unless they are hurting. Joint pain can be caused by injury, overuse, and health issues like arthritis and diabetes.

Your joints are the connection points between your bones that allow you to bend your elbows, knees, neck, hips, and more. As you age, it’s common for your joints to wear down, which affects your overall mobility and motivation to exercise. Doctors will tell you that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to joint health.

Taking care of your joints early on can help alleviate a number of issues that might otherwise plague you as you get older. Being kind to your joints will have a positive effect on your overall health.

So what are the best ways to safeguard your joints? We have gathered some of the best advice out there from health professionals.

Here are six tips for joint health and mobility to keep you moving with ease as you age.

Live an Active Lifestyle

Use it or lose it– that’s a saying we have all heard, and it’s so true! The key to continued mobility, as we age, is staying active, even when we don’t feel like it. Many people who have arthritis or are overweight resist exercise because they don’t want any more discomfort. However, the body is supposed to move and exert strength which in turn improves mobility, reduces pain, and keeps things functional. To prevent joint problems, practice strength training exercises frequently. 

For someone managing pain, low-impact exercises like walking, cycling, swimming are ways to strengthen muscles without strain on your joints. Daily stretches will help improve flexibility, balance, and posture.

Don’t Ignore an Injury

If you have been affected by an injury, it’s important that you give yourself the right care to ensure a smooth recovery. The sooner you act, the easier and faster it will be to address it and recover. Injuries can ripple into other problems if you don’t tend to them. Even a minor accident or injury can contribute to cartilage breakdown and increase the risk of severe joint pain or osteoarthritis, particularly in older people. If you are in pain, talk to your practitioner and create a wellness recovery plan.

Avoid Inflammatory foods

Reducing inflammation is a big part of keeping yourself well and pain-free. Avoid foods that increase inflammation, those high in sugar, salt, fat, or carbohydrates. Eating a well-balanced diet is vital for maintaining your overall health, including bone, joint, and muscle health. Fish oils are especially great for joints.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

One of the most important things you can do for your joints is maintain a healthy weight. When we carry extra weight, our joints become over-taxed. In fact, research has shown that with each extra pound we gain, a person puts four times more stress on their knees. You can prevent joint pain by keeping a healthy weight.

Do-it-yourself Joint Massage 

Give your achy joints a daily massage using topical CBD to help with discomfort. Rub your CBD oil in a circular motion until absorbed into your skin. Apply Cooling Gel or Warming Balm when you are on the go for added comfort support.

Joint Support Supplements and CBD

There are many natural supplements and remedies for joint pain management. Incorporate calcium and vitamin D into your wellness regimen to support healthy bones and joints. A daily serving of CBD can also help those in discomfort. Many people have had great results using CBD. People commonly report that it improves their quality of life and makes joint issues easier to manage.

Your joints are just one part of your musculoskeletal system to be mindful of keeping strong. Healthy joints go hand in hand with bone health, muscle strength, body weight, and flexibility.

Be kind to your joints so they can be resilient and strong into your golden years.