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Aging is a part of life and our pets become seniors too. With age pets are a lot like us, they become more prone to illness, incontinence, and become much more sensitive to environmental changes. Our team a Pure Hemp Botanicals has been helping pet owners like you since 2015. As animal lovers and pet owners, we want to help you support your pet.

 When your pets reach their golden years, they will require more care and attention. Oftentimes their hearing, sight, and mobility will deteriorate and it may become harder for them to remain active and even get enough nutrients from their food.

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your aging pet to keep them happy and comfortable as they face some of the challenges that come with being a senior.

Food & Water

Make sure your pet’s water source is always fresh and effortless for them to reach, especially if they are having mobility issues. You also might want to consider giving them better quality food or more nutritious options since they may not be absorbing enough nutrients from their food as they once did. Talk to your veterinarian to make sure your pet’s diet is appropriate, and check before you introduce them to anything new.

Visit The Veterinarian

If your dog is showing signs of pain, eating less, or slowing down, it is a good idea to visit the vet and keep a closer watch on their behavior. Ask your veterinarian if CBD is a good option for supporting your senior pet’s quality of life.

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Exercise & Getting Around

Don’t stop walking your dog or just because he is old and slow. They still need stimulation and exercise. Refine the exercise regimen that suits your pet best. Don’t overdo it, but still give them opportunities every day to move around.

Temperature & Environment

Your pet is likely more sensitive to its environment and less able to cope with changes in temperature. They may not be able to thermoregulate as they once have. In cold weather use a blanket or coat contraption when they go outdoors. When it is hot, provide a cool shelter for them with plenty of fresh water. Ensure your pet’s environment is comfortable and safe for them. You may want to rearrange furniture or set up specific areas with potty pads to prevent accidents when you are away.

Pets are family and we understand that maintaining the connection to your pet is invaluable. We are here to help you navigate the best practices for giving CBD to your pet for their wellbeing and health. Join the thousands of pet owners that have experienced the restorative benefits of CBD!

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Reviews From Our Customers

As a dog owner of an 11-year-old boston terrier, I have seen the vibrance diminish in our beloved Rocco over the last 2 years. His enthusiasm is fading, he eats less, sleeps more, and moves slower. Thanks to the Pure Pet Harmony CBD oil tincture I have been able to help keep him comfortable as he slows down. It has really helped with his appetite and he moves around more comfortably. I recommend it to other pet owners. 

– Karol H.

Pure Hemp Botanicals has the best remedy for pets on the market in my opinion. The Pure Pet Harmony is exactly what my little Chihuahua needed. It covers all of her special needs. She is calm , balanced and very happy as long as she is taking her “Pure Pet Harmony” drops on a daily basis. Thank you so much Pure Hemp Botanicals for saving my dog’s life! I recommend this product to every dog owner!!

– Tami L.

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