The Real Winner of the Election is Legalization

//The Real Winner of the Election is Legalization

The Real Winner of the Election is Legalization

While the results of the presidential election have left many feeling anxious and disappointed, we did make an important gain in several states: Legalization.

That’s no small thing. Legalization is so much more than being able to have safe access to cannabis and hemp. There are countless people wrongly jailed for using a plant to help their physical or mental health, who can now hope for a clean slate.

A big group of people who have much to gain is our courageous medical refugee community. There are families from across the country who are torn apart because of outdated laws. I’ve heard too many heartbreaking stories of one parent taking a sick child to Colorado for cannabis therapies, while the other parent tries to keep the rest of the family afloat at home. There are also people who have been unable to move, and have had to live with debilitating pain and illness, while knowing that there is an option that might really help them, just out of reach. Thanks to legalization spreading to these states, these people can all start to have hope. They can start living normal lives.

Plus, this means that a significant amount of our population is now developing cannabis laws, which puts pressure on the Federal government (as well as other states) to reconsider their outdated stance on the legalization of this useful plant. We’re closer to normalizing legalization nationally than ever before.

Keep reading for a breakdown of each state’s new legalization policies. Here’s to a greener future!

Legalization Wins

Adult Recreational Use

California, Massachusetts and Nevada… better luck next time, Arizona. We’re still rooting for legalization for you soon! Maine is still counting up the votes, with a promising, if minuscule, lead for legalization as of now, with 98% reporting. What a nail-biter! Some news sources are calling it a win.


Source: NY Times

Medical Use

North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida have made a stand for the legalization of medical use! Montana expanded their program, which is also great news. We like inclusiveness.

We’re so excited for everyone who voted for legalization in these states, and look forward to them enjoying the well-being that we have been so fortunate to have in Colorado. Congratulations to everyone! We’re so glad you’ve joined us in our march to a healthier, saner, greener future.

We also hope that this means that our collective rent prices can start going back down, since legalization means there are more options now for other states that people can flock to. šŸ˜‰


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