Relax Into Wellness this Fall

Fall is a time we naturally slow down and shift our wellness routines after the hustle-bustle of summertime. The days are shortening, leaves are falling, and nature is calling us to nourish ourselves and regain balance. It’s a good time to focus on your wellness during this transitional time and re-establish healthy habits. Incorporate calming activities into your everyday routine like a warm bath, tea time, meditation, and prioritize sleep to support optimum wellness.

Recharge with Sleep

As we move into cooler weather and slow our pace, getting good quality sleep is important for your health. As you sleep your body goes into restoration mode to replenish your energy, strengthen your immune system and support your mood. If you are having trouble getting good sleep, make it a point to relax before bed without electronics. It may be time to refresh your sleep schedule as the days get shorter. Take a serving of Pure Sleep 30 minutes before bedtime to help reset your sleep schedule this fall. Take a warm bath, read, and turn on sleep music to help you unwind and prioritize your rest.

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Body Care

Your skincare routine should look a little different in the fall, as the temperature changes. When you turn on the heat indoors the air becomes drier and your skin could use moisture support. A daily moisturizer is a good addition to your fall wellness routine. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Lotion softens and hydrates, sealing in moisture while delivering you CBD goodness through your skin for comfort support. Apply body lotion daily to keep the dry skin away.

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Nourish yourself through fresh foods that are in season. Fall is a great time for squash, root veggies, dark greens, healthy fats, spices, and soups. Choose more whole foods and seasonal produce to support brain power and your immune system. Getting in more vitamin C is always helpful this time of year to fill in the gaps in your diet and prevent seasonal sickness. Drink more teas for warmth, hydration, an immune boost, and to bring more calm into every day.

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Relax into fall with a focus on wellness.