I thought this could be a good time to offer up some relaxing self-care tips, to help you feel your best when you’re feeling some stress! We’ve all got a day where everything feels too much. Part of our mission with CBD is to help people learn how to have a loving, compassionate experience of themselves during difficult times, and we’re passionate about helping whenever we see an opportunity. I hope you enjoy these tips, and would love to hear any of yours!

  • Go for a walk – there’s nothing like getting moving, breathing fresh air and having a change of scene to help us move through tension and nonstop mental chatter. If the weather is putting a damper on your hopes for a good walk, try some yoga or stretching to get your blood flow going! Youtube is full of all sorts of great free workout classes!
  • Clean at least one room in your house – not only will the physical movement help relax you, but it feels good to accomplish it, and enjoy your space more!
  • Help someone else out – donate clothes you don’t wear, help an older relative with some chores, give out free meals to people in need. You never know what you might learn from engaging with someone outside of your usual routine.
  • Boost yourself with CBD products to support relaxation and wellness.
  • Put together a playlist, and dance it out! 
  • Ask yourself what this stress can teach you: does it help you get more clear on something that is important to you? Are you motivated to make positive changes for yourself or your community? Take this time to explore new experiences that empower you, such as community events and meetups.
  • Deep breathing – paying attention to your breath is a helpful way to slow down and spend time with yourself, without focusing on everything you need to do, or are worried about. Some people like to include our vapes and frost in their deep breathing routine on occasion – I’ve definitely found it helpful (and tasty!).
  • Write in a journal – It can be so helpful to get your thoughts out onto paper, instead of swirling around in your head. Writing can be a useful tool in getting clarity on tough subjects.
  • Challenge yourself to do one thing that takes you out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s a beginner rock climbing class, asking that person you fancy on a date, taking a public speaking workshop or trying a daring new recipe, you’ll get so much out of it! Each time we step into something that feels big for us, we discover a whole new piece of ourselves, just waiting to be found.
  • Take a bath with some essential oils, salt, baking soda and a spoonful of a moisturizing oil of your choice. Put on some relaxing music, or just enjoy the quiet.

What helps you relax? Share it in the comments below!