Sleep Meditation Walk-through

I’m not sure what it is about the changing of seasons that always takes a bit for me to adjust my sleep to. I’ve tried a lot of different things to combat it but one of the simplest things I’ve found is a nightly meditation session to help get me ready to sleep. According to the American Sleep Association “[1]Many studies make it clear that Sleep Deprivation is dangerous. Sleep-deprived people who are tested by using a driving simulator or by performing a hand-eye coordination task perform as badly as or worse than those who are intoxicated. Sleep deprivation also magnifies alcohol’s effects on the body, so a fatigued person who drinks will become much more impaired than someone who is well-rested.

[2] Sleep is often not taken too seriously by many people. Even half the people who know they have a real sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, still refuse to help themselves. Sleeping is not something that only determines whether you are tired or alert. To put it simply, sleep can save your life. That is how important it is. Sleep is needed so everything in your body and mind can work correctly. It can affect your brain, heart, weight, life length and immune system.”

My nightly routine now goes as follows:

  1. Drink a warm cup of tea while making my to do list for the following day. This helps me clear my mind so it’s not trying to run through everything that needs to be done tomorrow.
  2. Be sure that my home feels safe, secure and comfortable by turning off lights, making sure doors and windows are locked and all of my furry(and feathered) family are happy and safe.
  3. Follow my night time hygiene routine. Brush teeth, hair, wash face etc. Whatever you need to do to feel comfortable and clean before you rest. 
  4. Change into sleepwear.
  5. Slow stretches or gentle yoga.
  6. Turn on The Honest Guys: Guided Sleep Meditation.
  7. SLEEP!


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