Ever notice how gyms are PACKED right after New Year’s, but turn into ghost towns by the time February rolls around? People start with great goals, like intentions to eat better, get out more, to be kinder, but then life hits, and it’s back to the same old same old. How can we stay motivated even when the shiny newness of it fades away? Here’s a few tips to keep you going when the going gets tough.


Make reasonable goals that support where you’re at

If you barely go for walks, then a resolution to climb a 14’er may not be for you… but going for a daily walk could be.


Get clear on what supports you in achieving those goals

Do you need comfortable walking shoes to help you take those daily walks? Would doing meal prep in advance help you stick to foods that nourish you? Make sure you have the right tools, so that you can get into your groove. Would you do more if you weren’t so achy anymore? It might be time to stock up on some CBD products to help you feel your best as you form new, healthy habits.

Make your goals structured with regular “wins”

Do you have a big goal you’re working up to, like paying off all your credit cards? Break it up into payment plans that you schedule on your calendar, so that you can track your progress and stay in budget. Breaking goals into manageable steps that you need to take to get there is a great way of making big things much more doable.


Be on your side

It’s easy to beat ourselves up when we mess up on our diets, or don’t do something we needed to. Instead of that, support yourself. Be honest about why you didn’t – were you too rushed and didn’t give yourself enough time? Did you feel resistance? It’s ok. Just get honest about the pitfalls so you know what you need. What could you do differently next time? How can you set yourself up to succeed? If you get too stressed out, have some FROST in your tea, or reach for your CBD vape to help you get centered. You’ve got this.


Get a buddy to help keep you accountable

A useful thing to do when making changes is to reach out to a friend with similar goals. Make it something fun – go out for a walk together, cook some meals, or take a class, and discuss it afterwards. Make a weekly check-in where you can share how you’re doing, and where you could use some extra support to help you get in gear.


We hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy, joyous New Year!