Stress Management For a Busy Life

Break the hold stress has on your life… Be happier, healthier, and more productive.

A truly balanced life may seem impossible, but taking the steps towards that goal is a great way to start off a new year.

Stress management first begins by recognizing the source of your stress.

It may be easy to identify the big stressors like changing jobs, an auto accident, or moving. But, pinpointing the sources of chronic stress in your life may prove to be more challenging.  It’s easy to overlook how our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can contribute to everyday stress levels.


Schedule it! Just like an important meeting, take the time you need to slow down your heart rate and cool your brain to prevent meltdowns. This time allocation is crucial to overall stress management in your daily life.

Even if it is only 15 or 30 minutes of “you” time, carve out a moment to focus on yourself. Keep doing it; getting used to taking care of yourself can take practice and patience, just like any other habit you want to change. 


Release stress from all your muscles, stretch out your worries and work off the things that bog you down. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore each time. 

Know your limits – don’t put your body through unneeded stress (physically) 

You can’t expect success if you are not realistic with your goals. 

Jumping into a new routine needs to be done with some forethought – start small and work big. Baby steps will help create a successful routine that can become a part of your life with consistency. 


Whether it be deep breathing, meditation, yoga, massage therapy or simply relaxing in a jacuzzi – do something to catch your breath and slow down regularly. This is a great tool for stress management.

Try to do something daily to calm the mind; schedule it in if you have to.


Use your creativity – draw, paint, do ceramics or make some home improvements – there is solid proof that art therapy reduces stress on the mind. Simply getting tactile and connecting your hands to your creative mind is uplifting. It may seem a little strange to you at first, but is well worth taking the time to include in your life. 

“Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Art, either creating it or viewing others’ art, is used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.” 

~ American Art Therapy Association


This is a huge stress for most people and is, unfortunately, a huge part of the working persons’ life; even more so now,  the out-of-work person. This last year has taken a toll on many.

Check your balances regularly… Know how much money you have to work with every day. Forecasting what you have coming in and what you need to have to survive can be as challenging as making the money in the first place. 

This can be done with a simple budget spreadsheet or any of the money-management apps available for your phone. Taking control of your money is getting easier in our modern-day, but is an age-old necessity for stress management. 


Make a point of writing down the things in your day/week that are IMPORTANT

Here are some writing prompts to get you started – 

  • Pinpoint what bothered you during the day
  • Make a plan to overcome fears or concerns
  • Reflect on the past days or events that got under your skin
  • What is your purpose in life? 
  • Why do you do the work you do – what keeps you going – what is your why?
  • How are you making an impact in the world?
  • How are you helping others?
  • How are you helping yourself?
  • Are you happy with your home life, relationships with partners, or children?
  • What can you do to improve your situation if not?
  • Work-life balance – how are you really doing?
  • How are you getting along in the workplace – what is stressing you out?

Make sure to check back on previous days once in a while, to see how you have changed, and what you may still need to work on. 

Be consistent, even if you don’t journal daily, make a point of at least doing it weekly. This is a great tool for reflection and contemplation.


You can’t do this enough… all things start with the inside. Focus some energy each day on how you feel about yourself, not who you are to others; take the time to love you. 

Make a point of noticing your strengths and weaknesses and work on making sure to do things that make you smile, even if they seem frivolous. 

At Pure Hemp Botanicals, our mantra, “Compassion in Action” guides our work and relationships. 

Create a mantra for yourself and live by it – notice the love you give to all the different aspects of your life. Truly living with purpose is an act of love. Caring for your body, mind, and soul is the gateway to more good things to come.