Slowed down due to an injury? One of the best ways to put your CBD oil to use is for injuries and recovery.

Athletes, yogis, and adventurers can all benefit from a daily serving of CBD for many reasons; however, one of the best times to rely on your handy bottle of CBD is for a smoother recovery when you are injured.

CBD is commonly associated with different forms of mental and physical recovery. A serving a day can make a positive difference for your wellness, especially if you are injured. The synergy of cannabinoids and whole hemp compounds in our Pure Balance CBD formulas works hand in hand with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Pain receptors located throughout your body respond to CBD compounds which aid in rapid repair and regeneration. Swelling, discomfort, strain, and other signs of injury can be significantly minimized with a high dose of CBD as soon as the injury occurs.

Pro Tips for Using CBD for Injury

  • Start taking Pure Balance CBD as soon as the injury occurs.
  • Take a higher dose to minimize the onset of swelling (We recommend 50-100mg depending on the injury severity.)
  • Take CBD multiple times a day when the injury occurs to reduce discomfort.
  • If the skin is unbroken, apply CBD topically in conjunction with internal consumption.
  • Take a serving of CBD before bed to encourage faster regeneration and repair.
  • Use Pure Sleep CBD+CBN formula if your injury is causing restlessness or sleep disturbance.

Have you ever heard the saying “running like a well-oiled machine”? Well, that’s how CBD can support your body’s main systems when you consume it regularly! A daily serving of Pure Balance CBD gives you a wellness boost and supports many systems in your body, such as immune, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and more.

Dose & Serving Sizes for Injury vs. Daily Use

  • A daily serving size of CBD (10-30mg) is excellent for general self-care, be it worry, stress, physical support, and soreness.
  • Taking high doses of CBD (50-100mg+) for injuries is optimal for your recovery process.
  • We recommend multiple servings a day for those seeking maximum relief. (Depending on the severity of the injury and level of discomfort.)
  • As injury symptoms diminish, slowly lower your daily intake of CBD.
  • If you feel fully recovered, you can either stop taking CBD or continue with a 10-25mg daily serving if you are seeing positive results.

Have questions about taking CBD for an injury? Reach out to us by clicking on the live chat bubble on the bottom corner of your screen. We would be happy to assist you.

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