The Benefits of Outdoor Play With Your Pet

Are you and your pet getting back to balance with some outdoor play? Fresh air and time in nature is vital for you and your furry family members wellbeing. Go beyond the backyard and explore the open outdoors with your dog this spring. 

The sunny warm days are here to stay! Explore the dog-friendly nature scenes surrounding your area. You and your pup will benefit from spending time in the sun and fresh air. Getting in at least 45 minutes a day of outdoor exercise has great health benefits for both pets and people.

Fresh air and mental stimulation is needed for you and your pet’s physical and mental health. Time outside is healing for the body and mind, helps your serotonin production which boosts your mood, and helps you to feel calm and focused. A daily dose of sunlight is excellent for you and your pet’s health and will help you get back to balance this spring! 

Here are 4 good reasons you should make it a daily priority to get out with your pet and play.

1. Weight Control

Dogs spend most of their day lying around sleeping out of boredom. When pets and people go without physical exercise they become prone to obesity and health issues. Regular time outdoors helps maintain a healthy weight and prevents illness. Some dog breeds need more exercise than others. Frequent outdoor activity is necessary for your dog’s health and happiness. 

2. Vitamin D

Time outdoors will give you and your dog a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Just 15  minutes of sunlight triggers your body to produce enough vitamin D to support you and your pet’s bones. Balanced vitamin D levels prevent infection, aches, weakness and help maintain the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio in the body.

3. Fresh Air 

When you and your pet are cooped up indoors you are breathing in indoor air toxins that off-gas from plastics, carpets, furniture, and chemicals in air fresheners and cleaning products. It is a good idea to consider the toxins in your environment and the ingredients in the products you buy for you and your pet. The better off you will be when you stay away from harsh chemical cleaning products, chemical air fresheners and spend more time outdoors in the fresh air.

4. Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Just like us, our pets are sensitive beings and can become depressed when they do not get enough attention and time outdoors. Pay attention to your dog, remember your pet needs space to run around and get their energy out. If you do not provide enough outlets for your pet to do so they can become bored, put on weight, have anxiety, or show aggression and signs of stress in social settings. Outdoor time reduces stress for you and your pet.

Living a balanced life helps your energy, mental health, ability to focus, and reduces stress. Time outdoors with your pet is great bonding and helps your pup stay lean, muscular, and well versed in social settings. You and your pet will live happier and healthier lives the more you get outdoors. If your pet is aging, dealing with a health condition, and needs some support before or after exercising, give your pet a serving of Pure Hemp Botanicals Pet CBD oil. This can help if your animal has any physical mobility issues or nervous energy.