Using CBD Oil For Skin Care

Have you ever used your CBD oil for skin care? I always keep a bottle of CBD oil on hand in my medicine cabinet because there are literally hundreds of ways you can use CBD oil. I am sure you have heard about the benefits of CBD, but here’s a quick review to refresh your memory.

Let’s start with the basics and then focus on the beauty of using CBD oil in your skincare regimen!

CBD Oil Basics

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many cannabinoids in hemp. CBD oil is available in a few forms and is made by extracting the cannabinoids out of the whole hemp plant.

Full Spectrum

    • Includes the full array of cannabinoids in the hemp plant
    • Contains 0.3% or less THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid

Broad Spectrum

    • Contains a wide array of hemp cannabinoids without the THC
    • THC is filtered out to a non-detectable level

CBD Isolate

    • Just CBD, no other cannabinoids
    • Extracted from hemp and highly refined

CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp, such as CBC, CBG, CBN, and THC, bind to cannabinoid receptors located throughout your body. The effects of CBD can be helpful for a variety of wellness needs. Some people use CBD for relaxation, and others use it to manage severe symptoms that cause discomfort or are related to complicated health issues.

CBD has also become popular in skin care and topical products because of its anti-aging benefits and soothing properties for dry and blemished skin.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are two very different things. Yes, both come from hemp, but only CBD oil contains cannabinoids, the therapeutic part of the plant that serves various wellness purposes. You may find hemp seed oil in some beauty products, but don’t be fooled. Hemp seed oil is not CBD.

Hemp Seed Oil is harvested by cold pressing hemp seeds and does not contain cannabinoids. The oil is often unrefined and does not have the soothing benefits CBD has, but it is a nutrient-dense oil with vitamins, omega fatty acids and makes a great moisturizer for your skin! 

CBD Oil is a refined oil made from the whole hemp plant, including the leaves, stalks, and flowers. CBD extracts contain cannabinoids that serve a variety of wellness purposes.

Common Uses for CBD Oil

    • Soothe aches and tension
    • Ease stress and restlessness
    • Promote a calm mood
    • Bring balance and relief to your body
    • General wellness boost
    • Sleep support
    • Skin repair support

How CBD Oil Can Help Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and is constantly being exposed to environmental pollutants, sun, and chemicals you come into contact with.

When the seasons change, your skin feels it! Whether you got a little too much sun or not enough moisture, your skin is sensitive and reacts to the environment. In the summer, you can damage your skin from overdoing it in the sun. In the winter, cold, dry weather can cause flaky patches and itchy skin. 

Pure Balance CBD Oil tinctures are nourishing for your skin as well as your body. Your skin can benefit from the combination of a full array of cannabinoids and Pure Hemp seed oil.

Ways to Use CBD Oil in Skin Care

There are so many versatile ways you can use CBD oil on your skin. If you have a bottle of Pure Balance CBD oil on hand, you can apply it to dry skin patches, sun-exposed areas, puffy spots, blemishes and use it in everyday skin care.

Pure Balance CBD oil contains hemp seed oil as the carrier oil, which is excellent for hydrating dry skin. Applying Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD oil to your skin gives you both the therapeutic value of CBD plus the nutrients, vitamins, and moisturizing properties of hemp seed oil.


CBD Skin Care Uses

    • Moisturize dry patches
    • Supports blemished skin
    • Calm and comfort sun-exposed skin
    • May ease redness and irritation
    • Rub on scars and stretch marks
    • Calm puffy areas
    • Apply to aches
    • Use in bath soaks
    • Blend into face cream
    • Make a CBD oatmeal face mask