Using Essential Oils For Stress Relief

 Have you been tending to your wellness garden? If you have a hard time giving to yourself because your list of to-do’s is never ending, or you have a hard time saying no, you are not alone.

Taking care of yourself, your health, and your emotional wellbeing is critical for managing stress.

When you don’t take the time to check in with yourself or you are avoiding taking care of your health mentally, emotionally, and physically, you will likely experience major burnout – we have all been there and know that it is no fun. 

We all need to learn how to have more compassion for ourselves. That is really what self-care is all about. When we train ourselves into healthy habits that support our health and wellbeing, we create a solid foundation to build from.

Finding the balance of giving to yourself and others is so good for you and the benefits of living in balance will help improve your health, energy, and stress less.

Let’s explore the power of aromatherapy as a simple and healing way to focus on balance and giving back to yourself through the day. There are research-backed health benefits to using essential oils for stress relief and wellness.

Aromatherapy is a holistic practice using essential oils from plant materials to promote healing for body and mind, on the physical and emotional level.

When we breathe in the natural scents of essential oils, our olfactory system located in our brain sends a message to the limbic system, which is our emotional brain. Certain smells have the ability to stimulate emotions. The thalamus sends smell information to our hippocampus and amygdala, the regions of the brain associated with learning and memory. Different oils have different effects, some can be calming and others energizing.

Using essential oils can promote feelings of calm, joy, focus, and bliss. These amazing healing plant essences have the power to refresh our minds, relieve stress, and lift our hearts on hard days.


Top 5 Essential Oils For Stress Relief:

  • Lavender

  • Rose

  • Sandalwood

  • Frankincense

  • Ylang Ylang

Using aromatherapy in your home and work environment is a wonderful way to tend to your emotional and mental wellbeing. It is so simple to do and so helpful! Here are some ways you can incorporate the healing power of essential oils into your life for stress and wellness support.


6 Ways to Use Aromatherapy for Stress and Wellness:

1.   If you have an essential oil diffuser, have it near your desk, bedside or living space. Diffusing oils in your home helps maintain a clear and calm atmosphere.

2.   Use natural essential oil-based skin and body care. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Warming Balm is a great topical for neck, shoulders, back, or any tense areas that could benefit from CBD and aromatherapy. It has a powerful relaxing scent, made with Lavender and peppermint essential oil to help you de-stress.

3.   Make your own aromatherapy body oil with organic Jojoba oil and a few drops of pure essential oil.

4.  Make a pillow mist or room spray with distilled water and essential oils to refresh any space. Essential oils are some of the best air fresheners because they do not contain harmful synthetic chemicals that other air fresheners have in them.

5.   Add 5 drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to your bath for stress relief. This is one of the best ways to relax and nurture yourself physically and emotionally.

6.   Make your own homemade chemical-free cleaning solutions with essential oils. Mindfully cleaning with essential oils eliminates chemicals in your home, and is so much healthier for you, your family, and mother earth. Using aromatherapy to clean can change the way you feel about taking care of your environment and inspire you to make more health-conscious choices that support your wellness.


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