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Tincture Advertorial September 2018

A Vape For Every Taste

Take a deep breath. Feel better? You would if you were inhaling with one of our vapes! There’s good news: we can help make that happen.

Our vapes are some of the best you’ll find. We’ve put in extensive testing on everything from developing just the right all-natural flavors in just the right amounts to the perfect viscosity of hemp oil to the types of the cartridges they’re vaporized in. These luxurious vapes will lavish you with relaxing inhalations of the most delectable variety.

    What makes these flavors so amazing?


    Our CBD hemp oil vapes are one of our most popular products, and for good reason! They’re made with organic hemp, verified with rigorous 3rd party and in-house lab testing, and their plant based ingredients mean a delicious, worry-free journey awaits you. Like all of our Pure Hemp Botanical products, they’re vegan, cruelty free, and non-GMO.

    Our scientists and herbalists have come together to create products that support you all day and all night, anywhere you go. Pure Hemp Botanicals’ CBD Vapes are there for you no matter where the day takes you!

    Derived from 100% organically grown industrial hemp, these vapes deliver the delights of hemp in a convenient, consistent dose that YOU decide. Our quality control procedures ensure consistency and reliability from one product to the next, yielding reliable and predictable results in every batch. We like being able to count on things, and we know you do, too. (Not sure why hemp is so amazing? Check out our main blog here for all sorts of cool articles to learn more!)

    3rd Party and In-House Lab Tested


    We make these products for our loved ones, and you can feel it in the quality of every item. Each and every batch gets tested for purity, potency and safety in a 3rd party lab as well as our in-house lab. This ensures that each item contains less than 0.3% THC, the legal limit, so you can rest assured that our products are safe and non-psychoactive. Pure Hemp Botanicals prides itself on producing the highest quality innovative hemp products available. Each product produced by Pure Hemp Botanicals is put through a rigorous testing process ensuring pristine quality of our end product.

    *We are not making any claims about drug tests, medical treatments, curing disease, or any other claims. Please consult your healthcare professional and empower yourself with your own research when making significant changes to your wellness routine.