Wedding Wellness & CBD

//Wedding Wellness & CBD

Wedding Wellness & CBD

While a wedding can be a meaningful, joyous, beautiful and very anticipated experience, it can also be stressful getting ready for it! Rehearsals to coordinate, caterers to interview, finding the right florist, the right dress, finding the perfect venue, figuring out seating for all your guests… ack!

Today’s blog is all about YOU: bringing the peace, joy and simple delight of getting ready for your big day. Enjoy some yoga, some self-care tips, and enjoy being your wonderful self.

Set the Mood

Start with some CBD to help support yourself as you make space to relax. CBD is touted as a great tool for anxiety, and has been immensely helpful to me, and those near and dear to me. I like to drink some soothing Hemptealicious Tea, or put the Tincture under my tongue.

Stretch for Serenity

To get started, here’s a video with 3 powerfully relaxing yoga poses, to help you get centered if you’re feeling some pre-wedding jitters. Remember to breathe deeply, slow down, and feel each pose, instead of just powering through it. Take your time, and enjoy it!



Soothing Soaks

Now that you’ve stretched and slowed down a bit, it’s time for a relaxing bath. Here are a few ways to get your bath set up for maximum relaxation! Don’t forget to put your phone on do not disturb, so that you can have some uninterrupted me-time.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool for relaxing baths. Lavender is a popular one for calm, rest and relaxation. Peppermint is a popular choice for clarity and feeling refreshed. (If you’re a peppermint fan, you’ll love our Candy Cane and Sweet Mint vapes! Also available in 500mg and 500mg kits.)



Walk It Off

Walks are a great way to clear your mind, energize your body and get grounded. If you can, go for a walk on a forest trail. There are certain terpenes in the trees, such as pinene, that are known to work as natural antidepressants when inhaled. When you walk through the woods, you’re breathing it in from all around you, which may be why you feel so great afterwards!

walk wedding forest


Most of all, remember to be patient with yourself, and to take planning one step at a time. The more you slow down and take care of yourself, the more prepared and refreshed you’ll feel to tackle all your to-do’s before the big ‘I do!’

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