Weight Loss, CBD and Yoga

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Weight Loss, CBD and Yoga

Happy Friday my dears!

Today’s self-care theme is about balancing your body to feel your best, with a healthy weight! Let’s start off by making it clear that this isn’t about getting skinny – everyone’s body is different, and “healthy” looks a bit different on each of us. This is about balancing hormones, getting our digestion moving, and feeling your personal best!

Did you know that CBD is being researched as a weight loss support? Leafly shares, “In a newly published study in the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Korean researchers studied the effects of CBD administration on preadipocytes (immature fat cells) to explore potential benefits on the treatment and prevention of obesity. Remarkably, CBD was found to do the following:

  1. Stimulate genes and proteins that enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat
  2. Increase the number and activity of mitochondria (which increases the body’s ability to burn calories)
  3. Decrease the expression of proteins involved in lipogenesis (fat cell generation)

Collectively, these results stem from the ability of CBD to induce “fat browning” – that is, converting what is normally white-colored fat tissue (WAT-white adipose tissue) that stores energy to beige-colored fat tissue (BAT-brown and beige adipose tissue) that burns it. Previous studies have shown that boosting beige-colored fat in animals improves their glucose tolerance, making them more resistant to diabetes and various blood lipid abnormalities.” Pretty cool, huh?

So what does that mean for you? It means that CBD might just be your new weight loss BFF! Keep some Tincture, Capsules, Softgels or Frost  (yes, Frost is edible, topical and inhalable! Learn more here) in your daily routine to support your wellness goals. Many of our customers have shared that CBD has been really helpful for workouts too – they reported feeling less inflammation and pain, allowing them to have more endurance than usual. How did it work out for you? Let us know! We love seeing reviews of products on our website, and love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter too!

Lindsey Samper shares a yoga flow to support weight loss, thyroid health and building strength throughout your whole body. Check it out and enjoy!

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