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What Are Tranquility Terpenes?

The flavors and scents from plants that we all enjoy come from terpenes. Terpenes are in every plant, and they produce the aromas the plant gives off. These compounds are the characteristic scent of many plants like flowers, fruits, vegetables, and yes, even hemp.

In nature, terpenes play an important role in luring in bees and other insects for pollination and in repelling predators.

In food, medicines, supplements, and ointments for human use, terpenes have many practical and therapeutic uses, most obviously for flavoring. Some can relax us while others are stimulating, energizing, help manage pain, ease stress, induce sleep, and much more. The relaxing scent of lavender is a great example, while orange is energizing.

The term “terpene” is typically associated with hemp and cannabis strains because each unique compound has benefits that get carried over into the formula made from the plant’s extract.

Pure Hemp Botanicals tranquility terpene blend is scientifically formulated to promote deep relaxation and calming sedative effects.

Terpenes alone have great benefits, however, certain terpenes combined with cannabinoids complement the hemp extract by creating a synergistic effect known as the Entourage Effect.

Our scientists have formulated our Pure Sleep whole hemp extract tinctures with a blend of terpenes specifically focused on Sleep. We call this blend Tranquility Terpenes.

We have blended the top five plant terpenes known for relaxation and sleep to enhance the effectiveness of Pure Sleep Tincture.

Through our research, we have discovered a relaxing, synergistic blend of plant terpenes that contribute to the effectiveness of our Pure Sleep Tincture without the effects of brain fog. The terpenes include: Beta-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene, Linalool, Nerolidol, and Myrcene.

Our testing panel agrees that Pure Sleep tranquility terpenes have the sleep-inducing properties and relaxing effects that ease the stresses of daily life to support a calm mind and body when consumed.

Pure Sleep Tranquility Terpene Blend

Relax into a tranquil state and achieve a peaceful night of sleep with the powerful support of sleep-inducing and stress relieving terpenes in Pure Sleep Tincture.

Pure Hemp Botanicals tranquility terpene blend contains the most relaxing terpenes with numerous benefits for sleep and your overall well being.

  • Beta-Caryophyllene  

One of nature’s most abundant terpenes, Beta-Caryophyllene is found in basil, oregano, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper, and of course, our hemp. Numerous studies have found this terpene acts on CB2 receptors which are involved in managing pain in the body (1). Research concludes that Beta-Caryophyllene terpene has positive effects that suppress physical discomfort and reduces stress through the body (2).

  • d-Limonene

A common terpene denoted for its citrus scent, d-Limonene is commonly found in citrus fruits, rosemary, and peppermint. Overall, it is known for elevating mood and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation to help uplift the mind out of stress. Research has identified d-Limonene to have antibacterial activity and support cellular health along with having calming benefits to the nervous system (3). Studies have revealed this terpene has positive relaxing effects on overall wellbeing. 

  • Linalool

Linalool is a popular terpene most recognizable in lavender and in some citrus, birch, rosewood, laurels, and coriander. Similar to THC and CBD, Linalool forms in the resin glands, called trichomes, which cover hemp flowers.

Linalool is one of the oldest known sedatives, or sleep aids, in the world. This terpene has wonderful muscle-relaxing effects and sedative qualities that can help improve sleep and increase energy the following day. Research has identified that Linalool also helps to soothe discomfort and swelling by helping to dampen pain response. CBD oils often highlight this active ingredient for its calming effects that help with worry and stress (4).

  • Nerolidol

Nerolidol has a gentle woodsy, fruity scent, and is found in jasmine, ginger, tea tree, and lemongrass. Known for its calming, sedative effects which aid sleep, it also has antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiparasitic properties (5)(6).

Nerolidol shares traits of other hemp terpenes in terms of its relaxing effects, and anti-bacterial properties that may also support skin health.

  • Myrcene

Myrcene is a terpene found in many varieties of hemp with a distinct herbal scent and grassy taste. Myrcene is also found in hops, bay leaves, thyme, lemongrass, parsley, and more. Studies have found myrcene to have calming effects that induce sleepiness, relax muscle cramps, and soothe discomfort in the body. It is also a powerful antioxidant. A study in a cell model noted that myrcene appears to have an anti-inflammatory effect and may prevent the breakdown of some cartilage cells (7). Research is looking into the potential of this terpene for protection against inflammatory conditions.

Pure Sleep tranquility terpene blend is formulated to deliver quality sleep supported by nature through Beta-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene, Linalool, Nerolidol, and Myrcene terpenes.Pure Sleep terpene blend has been scientifically formulated to improve sleep and enhance wellness through the synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids working together.

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