What Is Hemp? Video + Testimonial

//What Is Hemp? Video + Testimonial

What Is Hemp? Video + Testimonial

Lots of people are just getting introduced to hemp, and want to know what all the buzz is about! This video by PROHBTD offers an awesome look at the history and uses of hemp.

Fun fact: Did you know that hemp is a food source, is a source of inexpensive and durable building materials, uses less water and energy to produce than trees or cotton, and is used around the world as a medicine for a wide variety of ailments? Is there anything this amazing plant doesn’t do?

Some of our most popular uses for hemp are pain and inflammation relief for humans and their pets. We had an amazing review from one of our customers the other day about the effect of the pet tincture on her cat. In her message, she says:

“I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing the tincture oil for pets is…. my one year old cat was diagnosed with squamous mouth cancer about 3 weeks ago.. she had a HUGE tumor growing inside her mouth and it started to spread to the other side of her mouth. The vet told me it was really bad and that my best option would be to put my one year old cat down… that wasn’t an option for me. I ordered the oil got it about a week after she was diagnosed put the drops in her food and she licks it right up. She loves it. Took her to her check up last Monday to check on her tumor. The vet opened her mouth and the tumor SHRUNK it is so tiny now compared to what it was I am amazed. We were all shocked. The vet told me with this type of cancer animals only get worse but my baby girl is only getting BETTER. Since the oil she has been playing like crazy! Eating like normal, not hiding, she’s been cuddling the other cats and being herself again. I just want to thank this company for basically saving my cats life. I am so happy. I’m so impressed with this oil. Her next check up is next Monday and I’m hoping the tumor is gone completely if it is gone then my baby girl won a terminal cancer over. THANK YOU.” -SK

(If you want to give our pet tincture a try, click here!)

Watch the video below to learn more about hemp – enjoy!

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