People ask all the time, what are the benefits that vaping has that other ways of ingesting CBD don’t have?

Well for one have you checked out our flavors? (Helloooo Piña Colada and don’t even get me started on Sweet Mint.) There are definitely so many benefits to vaping your Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD, let me just walk you through it!

To start let’s get a little bit technical. CBD is hydrophobic which means that it doesn’t RSVP to any of those pool parties in the summer. But to be a bit more scientific, it means that it isn’t very water soluble and because of that when it’s introduced to your bloodstream it doesn’t like to stick around. When CBD is consumed only a small percentage of it makes it to its final destination. But wait, that’s not it! The second process your ingested CBD has to overcome is the “first pass effect” whereas your CBD goes through your liver it also lowers the number of bioactive compounds.

What does this mean for vaping? When you vape your Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD instead of ingesting it you completely bypass the first pass effect which gives you roughly four times the amount of CBD! By avoiding your digestive process completely you’re also likely to feel the effects 30-60 minutes faster.

Vaping is an amazing way to get your daily dose of CBD! I guarantee if you try it you’ll never look back!

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