Fall is starting to show its colors. Are you feeling the changes in the air?

As the weather shifts, it’s important to tune into your body’s needs. Seasonal change can leave you feeling less motivated and more sleepy; temperatures are dropping (depending on where you live), and fewer hours of daylight can definitely throw your body clock out of balance.

 If you are feeling a bit more sleepy, it’s not just you, and no, you’re not lazy – it’s scientifically proven. Here are some tips to support your health and wellness this fall.

1. Reset your sleep schedule

With less light in the day, our body’s internal clock can often have a hard time adjusting. With fewer hours of sunlight and shorter days in the fall, our bodies produce more melatonin (the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.) Focusing on your sleep schedule and keeping it consistent can really help you balance your energy and support your overall health. Pure Sleep CBD+CBN formulas can help you reset your sleep for optimal well-being.  

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2. Shop for seasonal foods

When shopping, be on the lookout for fall flavors and local produce that is in season. Use this seasonal food guide to find what’s in season near you. Seasonal foods are fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than food consumed out of season. Fruits and veggies contain more nutrients when ripened on the plant and eaten close to harvest time. Go to your farmers market and look for fall produce grown in your region. Prepare healthy meals with local produce to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible out of your diet. Lastly, minimize refined sugars and flours, which deplete essential nutrients and undermine the immune system.

3. Support your immune health

When the temperatures drop in the fall, an increase in cold and flu bugs go around. Stay proactive about your immune health. You don’t have to wait until you’re feeling sick to start loading up on vitamins. Increase your vitamin D and Vitamin C intake through foods and supplements. Appropriate supplementation can significantly reduce the frequency of colds and flus. 

There are also many wonderful herbs to enjoy to boost your immune function this fall. As the weather gets cooler, be generous with garlic and ginger in your food preparation. Enjoy more hot herbal teas and broths.

4. Modify your exercise

With fewer hours of daylight, you are probably spending less time outdoors, especially in the evenings or early morning hours. The shorter, darker days of fall and winter can make a lot of people lose energy and motivation to work out. That can result in extra caffeine and sweets to get through the day. One surefire way to boost your energy this fall is by exercising daily. It will shake off that fatigue and help you be productive and happy. Modify your exercise according to the weather. Get out for a jog, go to the gym, lift weights, practice yoga or pilates at home, and make space in your schedule to get some movement in. Double your exercise with tasks you have been meaning to do, like getting in movement while doing yard work.

5. Mental health maintenance

For some, the transition into fall can bring a change in mood. Being indoors more can feel stagnant for the active person, but it doesn’t have to be. Make a list of self-care practices or projects that you have been meaning to do. Time inside is good for catching up on books you have been wanting to read, practicing meditation, and giving yourself some more TLC.

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